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Benjamin Henry

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Guangxi Opens Two New Land Ports of Entry for Thai Fruit Exports

Two new land ports of entry are now open for Thai fruit exports to China’s Guangxi province.

May 20, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Maersk Launches China–Turkey Rail Service: Will It Help Cherry Trade?

Shipping giant Maersk launches a new intercontinental rail service, but will it help Turkey’s lagging cherry exports to China?

May 13, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Southern African Citrus Exports: Season Update

Southern Africa’s citrus exports continue to grow, albeit with some fluctuations due to early harvests and the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

April 29, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Californian Cherry Harvest Expected to Start Slightly Early

California’s cherry harvest is forecast to start 1–2 weeks earlier this year, bringing larger-than-average, high-quality fruits.

April 24, 2020
Benjamin Henry
China Fruit Exports Face Difficulties Due to Pandemic

China is starting to get back to work, but exports are taking a major hit as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the globe.

April 24, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Ginger Exports Unexpectedly Rise, International Prices Soar

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, ginger exports have increased and prices have skyrocketed. If China’s domestic market is of any indication, however, prices will eventually fall back to normal levels.

April 18, 2020
Benjamin Henry
US Eases Restrictions on Chinese Fragrant Pear Imports

USDA permits imports of Xinjiang fragrant pears from an additional growing region.

April 11, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Philippine Banana Exports Fall, Though Exports to China Now Recovering

Banana exports from the Philippines to China have suffered under the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, but are gradually returning to normal.

April 01, 2020
Benjamin Henry
18 Tons of Gansu Apples Exported to Mexico for First Time

Apples from Gansu province approved for first-ever shipment to North America.

March 29, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Vietnamese Watermelon and Dragon Fruit Exports Face New Challenges

Some Vietnamese watermelon and dragon fruit samples recently tested positive for three distinct pathogens, presenting a new challenge for exporters alongside the ongoing disruption due to COVID-19.

March 27, 2020
Benjamin Henry


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