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Benjamin Henry

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Anyue Lemon Prices and Exports Increase, Production Drops

Market prices for lemons from Sichuan province’s Anyue County have risen this year, along with export volume, despite a 10% decrease in total production.

December 06, 2020
Benjamin Henry
‘Ready-To-Eat’ Chinese Kiwis Hit Shelves, Enjoy Great Success

Chinese kiwifruit are often regarded as too hard and sour to eat immediately upon purchase, but a new brand from Shaanxi province may be set to change that.

November 27, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Garlic Prices Rise, Export Volume Up 34%

As the harvest season comes to a close, garlic prices in China have risen significantly.

November 24, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Avocado-Growing Areas in Yunnan and Sichuan Expanding Rapidly

Avocado production in Yunnan province has been rapidly expanding over the last few years, while production in Sichuan is also taking off.

November 24, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Durian Market and Production Continue To Grow

The Chinese durian market continues to expand, with women and young people the main driving force.

November 20, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Zespri Makes Third Appearance at China International Import Expo

New Zealand kiwifruit giant Zespri made waves at this year’s China International Import Expo, and its future prospects in China are looking promising.

November 12, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Linhai Mandarins Begin Export Season, Volume To Rise 15%

Exports of mandarin oranges from the region surrounding the city of Linhai in Zhejiang province are on the rise.

November 09, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Guangdong’s Fruit Exports Trend Upward, Lychee Exports Nearly Double

Guangdong is making strides in its yearly fruit export volume, with lychees in particular surging upward.

November 05, 2020
Benjamin Henry
Season’s First Batch of Chilean Cherries Arrives in Shanghai

The 2020/21 Chilean cherry harvest has now begun, with the first air shipment arriving in Shanghai on Oct. 24 and being met by crowds of eager customers.

November 02, 2020
Benjamin Henry
China Customs Cracks Down on Cross-Border Smuggling

A cross-regional anti-smuggling operation recently launched by Chinese customs authorities has already led to the arrest of multiple suspects and the confiscation of illicit goods.

October 28, 2020
Benjamin Henry