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China Overtakes Japan as Asia’s Largest Avocado ImporterChina’s avocado imports grew by 61% last year to reach 66,000 metric tons, surpassing Japan’s 62,000 metric tons and making China the largest importer in Asia. July 19, 2024
Jing Zang
Japan’s High-GABA Tomato Certified as Non-GMO in PhilippinesPhilippine authorities have certified a CRISPR/Cas9 gene-edited high-GABA tomato from Japan as exempt from GMO biosafety regulations. June 19, 2024
Roy G
Fresh Flavors Take Flight: Zhiguan Blueberries From Yunnan Soar to JapanOn April 14, Pengsheng sent its first batch of Zhiguan blueberries to Japan. April 25, 2024
Produce Report
Cambodia Seeks To Increase Processed Cashew ExportsThe Cambodian cashew sector is pursuing the construction of nut processing facilities despite low prices for processed cashews. August 13, 2023
As Sweet as Cherries: Chile Targets China and Japan With New Apple VarietiesThe Chilean apple industry has introduced a selection of new cultivars destined for Asian markets. April 10, 2023
Season’s First New Zealand Kiwifruit en Route to JapanZespri’s first shipment of New Zealand kiwifruit for the 2023 season has set sail for Japan. March 27, 2023
Jing Zang
[Press Release] First Zespri Kiwifruit Charter Vessel Sails for JapanZespri’s first charter vessel of the season has left the Port of Tauranga bound for Japan. March 23, 2022
Produce Report
China’s Strawberry Industry Booms With New ‘Fendai’ VarietyThe new pink Fendai strawberry variety recently debuted in China and is expected to bolster the local strawberry market. March 03, 2022
Philip K
New Grape Varieties Bred From Shine Muscat Grown in AustraliaSeven new grape cultivars bearing the excellent genes of the Shine Muscat variety have been grown in Australia and are set to come into commercial production in 2022. September 23, 2021
Jing Zang
US Northwest Cherry Exports to China Expected to DoubleTotal cherry production in the U.S. Northwest is forecast to reach 22.4 million boxes this year, with exports to China expected to double. June 21, 2021
Emily C