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China Customs Launches New Integrated Declaration System

China Customs Launches New Integrated Declaration System

August 07, 2018
Fresh Square Pomelos to Debut in Chongqing, China

China's well-known Liangping pomelo gets a twist this year. After multiple years of research, local growers are preparing to debut a square-shaped pomelo. Market performance remains unclear, however, as some point out the shortcomings of other odd-shaped fruits like the square-shaped watermelons in Japan.

July 20, 2018
US-China Trade War to Impact Bilateral Fruit and Vegetable Trade

With the start of a trade war between China and the United States, U.S. exports of fruits and vegetables to China are expected to drop by 13.58 percent. Washington has been the most affected. Future trade wars could escalate

July 11, 2018
Chinese E-commerce has Powered the Thai Durian Export Rapid Growth

<p>In 2018, the export volume of durian in Thailand increased significantly, and the export volume to China increased by 700%. China's e-commerce platform is an important factor in boosting Thailand's durian exports.</p>

June 12, 2018
China's Rising Pear Production Suffers After Cold Fronts

Mid-April cold fronts damage early flowering pear trees across China's major pear producing regions. Continued growth in China's pear production is suspect as severe impacts to capacity are reported. Dealers retain pears in cold storage in anticipation of price hikes.

May 03, 2018
China Remains Biggest Market for Vietnam’s Surging Fresh Produce Exports

Vietnam's turnover of vegetable and fruit exports achieves a historic benchmark. China, Vietnam's largest trading partner, establishes new quarantine and inspection requirements directed at cross-border trade ports with Vietnam. Moreover, Vietnam publishes a guide for exporting fruit to China

April 28, 2018
Cold Front Severely Damages Fruit Trees in Northern China

Freezing temperatures swept across China in early April. While southern China was largely unscathed, northern provinces suffered significant damage to apples, kiwis, and more. Production rates drop as farmers recoup.

April 15, 2018
China-Driven Banana Boom in Laos Faces an Uncertain Future

AQSIQ announces a protocol establishing standards for Laos Banana exports to China. Meanwhile, the once-booming banana industry in Laos faces a downturn as local government combat pollution from banana plantations.

March 11, 2018
2017 Year in Review: China's Fresh Apple Exports

In 2017, the export of Chinese apples remains stable and the Indian market suffers from trade barriers.

February 14, 2018
2017 Year in Review: China’s Citrus Exports

s in 2017, China’s export volume of citrus reached 919 thousand tons and accrued a value of USD 1.24 billion. The main varieties of China’s citrus products are mandarin, grapefruit, orange and lemon. ASEAN is undoubtedly the largest market for China’s citrus exports. The production of citrus in China has already been the world’s largest,

January 24, 2018