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Andrew D

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Analysis: Trump, Trade, and China’s Imported Fruit Market

Challenges, opportunities for China’s imported fruit trade in a Donald Trump presidency

December 28, 2016
Andrew D


A Brief Comparison of Current Trends in U.S. and Chinese Fresh E-commerce

Despite similarities in consumer characteristics, key differences remain in methods and reasons for shopping online in the United States and China

December 09, 2016
Andrew D

Image Source: CNN Money

Robinson Fresh® Eyes Continued Expansion in China

Emphasis on the grower and branding have been key to Robinson Fresh’s success in China

November 15, 2016
Andrew D

Robinson Fresh's Ray Griffin shows off Green Giant Fresh produce

Rockit™ Apples Set for North American Blastoff

Borton Fruit and Chelan Fresh team up to grow the popular little apple in the US

November 08, 2016
Andrew D

Rockit™ apples and its unique packaging on on display


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