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DHL to play a key role in export of Spanish fruit to China

The Spanish subsidiary of DHL Supply Chain will launch a new service to aid Spanish companies in exporting their fruit and vegetables to China

October 27, 2016

DHL’s new service aims to simplify logistics operations for Spanish fresh produce exporters

Photo: Deutsche Post DHL

North Bay Produce Prepares for Next Apple Shipments to China

Next Michigan apple shipments to China due to start in January

October 27, 2016
New Fresh Fruit Ports Nearing Completion in Harbin and Chengdu

According to Chinese domestic media reports, the designated p

October 26, 2016
China Grants Export Permission to 28 Philippine Fruit Companies

AQSIQ lifts import ban on majority of the previously-banned Philippine tropical fruit exporters

October 25, 2016

Philippine bananas regain access to China

Michigan Apple Industry Optimistic about Chinese Market

Bilateral U.S.–China apple agreement set to bear fruit for Michigan

October 25, 2016
China’s newest breed of potato produces impressive results

Qingshu 9, China’s newest variety of potato, is making a marked contribution to China’s increased production and export of potatoes

October 24, 2016

Farmers harvest Qingshu 9 potato in China

Photo: PotatoPRO

Interpoma 2016, with space for ideas at the first Innovation Camp

Innovation, research and technological solutions are the key words of the tenth edition of Interpoma.

October 23, 2016
Produce Report
Chinese Leading Exporter Fuhuida to Double the Pomelo Export

Chinese exporter Fuhuida expects sales of pomelos for overseas markets to double in 2016

October 20, 2016
Turkish Cherries Expand in Two Directions

Cherries from Turkey regain access to Russia and are also preparing for their Chinese debut

October 20, 2016
First Shipment of Ecuadorian Mangos to Enter Market

The first batch of Ecuadorian mangos to be imported to China

October 18, 2016