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California Strawberry Marketing-Promotion Meeting Held in Beijing

A prelude to the berries’ final entry into China

November 12, 2016
Jing Zang
China and Europe Expand Cooperation in Food Safety

In an exclusive interview, Produce Report sat down with the executive director of European Food Safety Authority Bernhard Url to discuss new developments in China-Europe food safety

November 10, 2016

Bernhard Url shares the experience of EFSA at the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference & Expo 2016

Photo: Produce Report

2016 Q1-Q3 Trade Summary for China’s Fruit Exports and Imports

CFNA figures show great increases in Chinese exports; some imports down

November 09, 2016
Rockit™ Apples Set for North American Blastoff

Borton Fruit and Chelan Fresh team up to grow the popular little apple in the US

November 08, 2016
Andrew D

Rockit™ apples and its unique packaging on on display

Peru and China to Ink Deal on Blueberry Imports

As China and Peru finalize a protocol on blueberry imports, China Eastern Airlines prepares its first air shipments of Peruvian blueberries

November 06, 2016

First Peruvian blueberries are awaited in China by the end of this month

Photo: iQonsulting

Chile Plans to Export One Million Boxes of Nectarines to China

Chile forms ambitious plans as China’s market opens to Chilean nectarines, but Australia remains top competitor

November 03, 2016

In order to appeal to the discerning palate of Asian consumers, a special variety of nectarines has been cultivated by Chilean producers

Photo: Oppy

Itaueira of Brazil Anticipates China Market Access for its Melons

Brazilian melons due to be granted China access next year

November 02, 2016
Chilean Nectarines Obtain Market Access for China

The agreement is expected to go into force within the next month

November 01, 2016
Goodfarmer Exec: China’s Bananas Have Much Room for Improvement

Goodfarmer, one of China’s largest banana purchasers, imports most of its bananas

October 31, 2016
Dan Siekman

Goodfarmer branded imported bananas

Walmart and the Future of Selling Groceries in China

The retail giant deepens its relationship with

October 30, 2016
Dan Siekman

The new "Exclusive Sam’s Club Flagship Store on"