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Jing Zang

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Declining Prices of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians in Vietnam

The prices of Musang King and Black Thorn durians in Vietnam have fallen recently.

July 22, 2024
Jing Zang
South Africa’s Citrus Market Outlook for 2023/24 Season

High juice prices and smaller fruit sizes are expected to result in lower orange exports from South Africa in the 2023/24 season.

July 21, 2024
Jing Zang
China Overtakes Japan as Asia’s Largest Avocado Importer

China’s avocado imports grew by 61% last year to reach 66,000 metric tons, surpassing Japan’s 62,000 metric tons and making China the largest importer in Asia.

July 19, 2024
Jing Zang
Vietnamese Durian Prices Soaring on Low Supply

A limited supply of durians in Vietnam, particularly with respect to export-grade fruit, has led to a surge in prices.

July 16, 2024
Jing Zang
Higher Global Apple and Pear Production Expected in 2023/24

Worldwide apple production is forecast to grow by 700,000 metric tons in the 2023/24 season, while pear production is set to be 275,000 metric tons higher.

July 14, 2024
Jing Zang
Why Are 70% of Vietnam’s Durian Exporters Suffering Losses?

According to a Vietnamese durian trader, high prices have benefited growers, but more than 70% of export companies have seen losses.

July 11, 2024
Jing Zang
Global Blueberry Supply Falling Short of Growing Demand

According to a recent report, global blueberry production needs to reach 3 million metric tons within five years to keep up with growing market demand.

July 10, 2024
Jing Zang
Vietnamese Mangosteens Experience Drastic Price Plunge

Despite a low output of Vietnamese mangosteens this year, prices have fallen by half compared with three months ago.

July 09, 2024
Jing Zang
Air Shipments of Peruvian Table Grapes to China Now Possible

The phytosanitary protocol for the export of Peruvian table grapes to China has been updated to allow air shipments.

July 04, 2024
Jing Zang
US Northwest Cherries in Season With Excellent Quality

According to Northwest Cherry Growers, the latest estimate for the 2024 Northwest dark sweet and yellow Rainier cherry crop is between 154,000 and 181,000 metric tons.

July 03, 2024
Jing Zang