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USDA Holds Bakery Ingredients Promotion in Kunming

The USDA Chengdu Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) on November

November 28, 2016
Dan Siekman
Chile Closes In as Top Exporter of Fresh Fruit to China

With Chile’s fruit exports to China growing every year, the country is aiming to become the leading exporter of fresh fruit to China

November 25, 2016

César Suárez: Chile is like a phytosanitary island which is protected from agricultural pests
Photo: Produce Report

Great-Sun debuted on SSE

Great-Sun Foods (stock code: 603336) debuted on the Shanghai

November 25, 2016
First Peru to China Fresh Goods Charter Flight Arrives in Shanghai

The shipment contained the first batch of blueberries to be exported from Peru to China

November 24, 2016
South Australian Nectarines: From Tree to China in Three Days

Shipments of Australian nectarines to start arriving in China late November, peaking mid-January

November 23, 2016

John Moore presents Australian nectarines at iFresh Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition
Photo: Produce Report

What Can the Chinese Apple Industry Learn from Its Italian Counterpart?

In Produce Report’s recent WeChat lecture, veteran apple consultant Kurt Werth shared his insights into the Italian and Chinese apple industries

November 23, 2016
More Than One Charter per Day: Cherry Market Is Booming

Chilean cherry exports to China set to beat last season's record

November 22, 2016
2016 Q1–Q3 Trade Summary for China’s Fresh Apple Exports and Imports

CFNA data show large increases in Chinese apple exports; imports decline

November 21, 2016
Argentinian Grapes Look Forward to China Debut

With grapes from Argentina gaining access to China this past summer, Argentinian producers are beginning to work on new export opportunities

November 19, 2016

Juan José Ramos: “We are working hard to find partners in China so that we can already begin our exports for this season”

Photo: Produce Report

Chinese Pears Prove Popular in the US under Eat Brighter Program

Campaign encourages healthy eating in children; Fuji apples expected to follow

November 18, 2016