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Unitec Celebrates Century of Innovation in Produce Sector

At the recent Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Unitec Group showcased some of its latest sorting and packing solutions for fruits and vegetables.

February 22, 2024
Tomra Food Unveils New Brand Strategy and Packing Technologies

At this year’s Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Tomra Food announced its new brand strategy and showcased its newest sorting and packing solutions.

April 25, 2022

Tove Andersen, president and CEO of Tomra Group (center left), and Michel Picandet, executive vice president and head of Tomra Food (center right), talk to visitors at Fruit Logistica.

Produce Industry Representatives Urge Wider Adoption of Electronic Phytosanitary Certification

In late May, SHAFFE, Freshfel Europe and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation held two webinars to discuss the current state of play of electronic phytosanitary certificates.

June 08, 2021
Dole Food and Total Produce Merge To Form World’s #1 Produce Company

Dole Food Company and Total Produce have announced their intention to merge, creating the world’s largest fresh produce company with an estimated annual revenue of $9.7 billion.

February 23, 2021
Nutrients Found in Grapes May Be Beneficial Against COVID-19

Recent scientific research suggests that vitamin K and flavonoids present in grapes may play beneficial roles against COVID-19.

January 15, 2021
San Miguel and Join Forces To Sell Southern Hemisphere Citrus

Citrus giant San Miguel and China’s biggest online retailer have begun a partnership to bring Southern Hemisphere citrus to Chinese consumers.

October 09, 2020
WellFruit Unveils ‘Signature’ Store in Shanghai

On Sept. 12, Chinese retailer WellFruit opened its new flagship store in Shanghai’s Pudong New District, attracting over 10,000 shoppers and reaching $100,000 in sales over two days.

September 23, 2020
Chilean Citrus Committee Presents a Buyers’ Guide to Chilean Citrus

Produce Report WeChat Lecture: ASOEX’s Charif Christian Carvajal discusses the global citrus sector and the new opportunities for Chilean citrus on the Chinese market.

August 25, 2020
First Ever Shipment of Argentinian Lemons Arrives in China

In early August, the first ever shipment of Argentinian lemons reached China after a month-long voyage from South America.

August 23, 2020
Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture and ASOEX Discuss Coronavirus Measures

Representatives of Chilean fruit sector and government hold meeting to discuss how to best tackle the COVID-19 situation and ensure continued trade.

March 23, 2020