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Chilean Blueberry Committee Members Strengthen Quality Exports to China

In two workshops last week, the Chilean Blueberry Committee provided Chinese importers and distributors with an overview of the current status of the sector, its new quality system and its commitment to planting new varieties to further enhance the sweetness, crunchiness and size of Chilean blueberries.

December 02, 2019
Zespri Anticipates Strong Returns From This Year’s European Harvest

Zespri expects its kiwifruit harvest in Europe this year to reach 70 tonnes, despite challenges with pests and disease.

November 19, 2019
Chilean Cherry Exports Set to Reach 209,000 Tons This Season

ASOEX’s Chilean Cherry Committee expects a 16.1% increase in export volume relative to last season

October 18, 2019
Exports of Belgian Conference Pears to China Continue to Grow

Marc Evrard, commercial director of BFV, speaks to Produce Report about the company’s success in exporting Belgian pears to China

September 23, 2019
Emerson Launches New Device for In-Transit Produce Monitoring

Emerson’s Gerd Uitdewilligen and Ivan Fullin speak to Produce Report about the company’s new GO Bluetooth Plus Logger device for temperature and humidity monitoring during shipping

September 19, 2019
3000% Increase in Mexican Pecan Exports to China

At the recent China International Tree Nuts Conference, Carlos Aldeco Reyes Retana of Sinomex Agrosolutions discussed the Mexican pecan industry and the impact of the ongoing U.S.–China trade war

August 12, 2019
[Press Release] Taiwan Smart Agriweek 2019: Join Hands with Taiwan’s Agricultural Industry to Build the Top Procurement Platform in the Asia-Pacific Region

Taiwan Smart Agriweek to be held on September 26–28 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

June 17, 2019
At Least Eight Second-Round Bids Expected for Metro’s China Operations

As the second round of bidding begins for the Chinese division of German wholesaler Metro AG, at least eight bidders are expected to participate, including several consortia of major Chinese companies

June 13, 2019
Southern Hemisphere Citrus Growers Playing an Increasingly Prominent Role

Produce Report Lecture: María del Pilar Arévalo of San Miguel discusses the increasingly important role of southern hemisphere countries in the global citrus sector

May 21, 2019
Colorful Dyed Ecuadorian Roses Well Received in China

Gonzalo Luzuriaga A. of BellaRosa discusses the Chinese market for high-quality dyed roses from Ecuador

May 08, 2019


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