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Back to top Debut: Australian "Chocolate" Oranges

August 07, 2017

On August 2, partnered with Fruit Day to debut Australian chocolate oranges on This is an exclusive promotion with only 2000 units available worldwide.

Out of over 600 varieties of oranges grown around the world, only one takes the form of this one. In 2010, an Australian orange picker fortuitously came across a tree full of ugly black oranges. He was not quick to judge a book by its cover, however, because beneath the rough outer skin hid an inner beauty of delicious flavor.

The orchard’s owner seemed to have hit the jackpot. After years of diligent research, the secret of these dark oranges was revealed. Yet, due to its scarcity and issues with replication, the so called “chocolate” orange remained a commodity for just a few. Only this year has larger-scale production been actualized. And still, only 2000 units are available globally. Somewhat of a “Koenigsegg” of the fruit industry.

Today, under the care of’s cold chain management and specialized storage facilities, the ugly-looking chocolate oranges are awaiting new homes. Astonishingly, and Fruit Day have control of the entire global supply of these oranges—all 2000 of them. They are being sold under the insignia of Fresh Day’s Mr. Orange brand.

Packages of 6 Chocolate oranges are selling for $14.7 on

As China’s earliest e-commerce fresh produce supplier, has been committed to enriching product selection for consumers and leading the upgrade of consumption within the fresh produce market. Through an in-house procurement team, continuously searches to provide consumers with high-quality global products.

In the last two months alone, consecutively gained exclusive debut privileges of Californian strawberries, Mexican blueberries, American Ruby Cherries, Costa Rican pineapples, Peruvian avocados and more.


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