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Dan Siekman

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Goodfarmer Exec: China’s Bananas Have Much Room for Improvement

Goodfarmer, one of China’s largest banana purchasers, imports most of its bananas

October 31, 2016
Dan Siekman

Goodfarmer branded imported bananas

Walmart and the Future of Selling Groceries in China

The retail giant deepens its relationship with

October 30, 2016
Dan Siekman

The new "Exclusive Sam’s Club Flagship Store on"

Gonzalo Matamala of Gesex on Table Grape Varietals

Proprietary table grapes will play an increasingly important

September 24, 2016
Dan Siekman

An availability schedule for different varieties of table grape grown by Gesex

Peru Pushes “Superfoods” with New Branding

The brand is to promote Peruvian avocados and blueberries, along with Peruvian agriculture in general

September 22, 2016
Dan Siekman
Shanghai Sees Record Imports of Cherries by Air

Huge growth in direct air shipment is a trend for China cherry imports

September 07, 2016
Dan Siekman
WAPA and China: Together at Last

The global industry body for apples and pears gets a Chinese member

September 05, 2016
Dan Siekman
Chilean Delegation Seeks Stronger Ties in Visit to China

Diplomats and trade personnel visited Guangzhou’s Jiangnan Market on Aug 29Diplomats and trade personnel visited Guangzhou’s Jiangnan Market on Aug 29

September 02, 2016
Dan Siekman
Mission Produce and Lantao organize inaugural Chinese Avocado Congress

The inaugural Chinese Avocado Congress was held at the Hotel Nikko in Guangzhou

August 18, 2016
Dan Siekman
Updated Crop Forecast for the 2016 South African Macadamia Crop and Industry Growth Figures  

The SAMAC has updated its crop forecast

August 18, 2016
Dan Siekman
Zespri: Kiwifruit shipments to China will resume this week

The company undertook a voluntary halt in shipments to China on August 4

August 15, 2016
Dan Siekman