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Anyue Lemon Production Reaching Peak with Price Rebounding in December

Strong demand in the domestic market,exports have decreased

December 14, 2016
New Zealand’s Lani™ Cherry Finds a Creative Way into China

Imported in by a B2B online trader and launched through a new O2O retailer

December 13, 2016
Production, Export of Washington Apples Show Significant Growth

The Washington State apple industry announces increases in production and export to China

December 13, 2016

This year’s crop of Washington apples is up by 13% over the previous year
Photo: Stemilt

Russia’s Abundant Pine Nut Crop Propels Exports to China

China’s imports of Siberian pine nuts via Manchuria to exceed 5,000 tons in 2016

December 12, 2016

Russia’s pine nut industry experienced a bumper crop this year
Photo: Shutterstock

Fruit Retail Chain Pagoda Acquires Online Store

China’s Largest Fruit Retailer Seeking to Gain E-tailing High Grounds through Acquisition

December 12, 2016
A Brief Comparison of Current Trends in U.S. and Chinese Fresh E-commerce

Despite similarities in consumer characteristics, key differences remain in methods and reasons for shopping online in the United States and China

December 09, 2016
Andrew D

Image Source: CNN Money

2016 Jan–Oct Trade Summary for China’s Fresh Pear Exports and Imports

China’s imports and exports of fresh pears both up in 2016

December 08, 2016
EU’s New MRL Requirements Caught Chinese Exporters in Surprise

China’s exports of tangerines, pomelos and pears decreased significantly as EU further tightened MRL for agricultural chemicals

December 08, 2016

EU has again introduced more stringent requirements for MRL of agricultural chemicals

Russia Becomes the Fifth-Largest Importer of Apples from China

Chinese fruit exports to Russia through Manchuria grow by nearly 50%, with apples in high demand

December 06, 2016

Chinese apples make significant inroads into Russia’s market
Photo: Pinterest

Uruguayan Fresh Blueberries Coming to China this Season?

Permission to Import Already Secured but Uruguayan Blueberries More Likely to Arrive in August-September 2017

December 06, 2016