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Dan Siekman

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Thai Fruit Production Up Amid Shifting Export Landscape

Thailand’s mangosteen output is forecast to reach 378,400 tons in 2022, a 38% increase over last year.

May 24, 2022
Dan Siekman
Chilean Stone Fruit Close Season Strongly in China

Chilean stone fruit play an important role in filling China’s demand for premium fresh fruit.

April 11, 2022
Dan Siekman
Cambodian Fresh Mango Exports to China Stall

Cambodia’s mango exports to China have been hampered by COVID-related border restrictions alongside structural issues.

March 28, 2022
Dan Siekman
Pagoda Inches Closer to IPO

Pagoda is expected to apply for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in April.

March 25, 2022
Dan Siekman
China’s Domestic Kirin Fruit Production Poised To Take Off

Kirin fruit are expected to soon become more common on the Chinese market, with the domestic planting area now standing at an estimated 1,300 hectares.

March 24, 2022
Dan Siekman
Giddings Cerasus Eyes Six-Month Supply With Late-Ripening Cherries

On March 10, Giddings Fruit held an event in Shanghai to present two new late-ripening cherry varieties for a longer supply window.

March 15, 2022
Dan Siekman
Chilean Stone Fruits Step Into Early-Spring Spotlight in China

Chilean plums and nectarines are playing a key role in the Chinese market during a period of relatively low domestic supply.

March 06, 2022
Dan Siekman
Chilean Blueberries Make ‘Blue Friends’ With Chinese Social Media Influencers

Chilean blueberries are attracting renewed attention online from young Chinese consumers, with influencers focusing on taste and nutrition to promote e-commerce sales.

March 02, 2022
Dan Siekman
Chilean Cherry Committee Caps China Season With Grand Prize Draw

Participation in this season’s Cherries from Chile Super Lucky Draw grew dramatically to more than 150,000 consumers.

February 28, 2022
Dan Siekman
Chilean Blueberries Hitting Peak in China With Record Volumes

There will continue to be ample supply of Chilean blueberries on the Chinese market for some time to come this season.

February 16, 2022
Dan Siekman


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