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PMA Fresh Connections China 2018 | Conference Agenda

March 13, 2018

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

Salon du Theatre

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

08:00 Registration

09:00 Welcome Remarks 


Richard Owen, Vice President, Global Membership and Engagement, Produce Marketing Association (United States)

Bian Zhenhu, President, CFNA (China)

William Verzani, Deputy Director, Agricultural Trade Office, U.S. Consulate General – Cuangzhou, China (United States)

09:15 State of the Industry

Speaker: Cathy Burns, CEO, Produce Marketing Association (United States)

10:00 The Future of Retail and E-tail in China


Patrick Vizzone, Head of Food, Beverage & Agribusiness, International, ANZ International (Australia)


Eric Li, Vice President, Global Sourcing and Alliance, Shanghai Yiguo E-Commerce Co Ltd (Alibaba Group) (China)

Mike Li, Procurement Director for Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, (China)

While e-commerce and brick and mortar are beginning to merge in many parts of the world, Chinese companies such as and Alibaba are leading the way on this trend right now. E-commerce companies are developing and purchasing traditional retail chains, while established brands like Walmart are pushing heavily into e-commerce. How will retail in China continue to evolve? As a global supplier, how can you support both channels? This session will look to answer these questions and offers a glimpse into the future as this trend impacts the rest of the global economy.

10:45 Networking Break – Salon du Theatre Foyer

11:20 Exploring the Power of Blockchain Technology


Ed Treacy, Vice President, Supply Chain Efficiencies, Produce Marketing Association (United States)

Dan Sun, President, HarvestMark (China)

As a tool that ensures both transparency and security, blockchain technology is showing promise to secure supply chains and improve operations. While the larger retailers and e-commerce companies are already exploring the power of blockchain to improve food traceability and transparency, the entire agriculture and food industry is expected to eventually benefit from the technology. Blockchain has huge potential in three key areas of the industry: providing transparency throughout a product’s entire production cycle; mobile payments, credits and decreased fees; and real-time management of supply chain transactions and financing. This session will explore real examples of how companies are utilizing blockchain in their day-to-day practices.

12:05 Networking Lunch -

13:25 Afternoon Keynote – The New Changes in China’s Fruit Market

Speaker: Mr. Lu Fangxiao, President, China Fruit Marketing Association (China)

The fruit market is evolving quickly in China, with changes in every area including the production, prices, and the import and export of fruit. Lu Fangxiao, president of China Fruit Marketing Association, will speak about these changes and about the new business models coming to the fruit industry including fresh food e-commerce, supermarket chains, new retail, and even the future of apples.

13:55 Get a Premium in China with Your Brand and New Varieties


Lisa Cork, Director, Fresh Produce Marketing, Ltd. (New Zealand)


Qidong Zhu, General Manager of Commodity Center, Pagoda Fruit Investment Management Co. (China)

Jade Shan, General Manager, Mr. Avocado (China)

Mike Preacher, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations, Domex Superfresh Growers (United States)

Chinese consumers are seeking more high-quality fresh produce, and are willing to pay a premium for it.  Imports used to be good enough, but now consumers are more selective about quality and taste – and they have lots of channels to select from. To address this increased demand for premium products, suppliers are growing specific varieties with taste profiles bred for Chinese consumers. This session will explore new varietals for 2018 and will discuss what global suppliers should consider to create premium offerings for this market.  

14:55 The Impact of China's Increased Domestic Production


Darren Keating, CEO, Produce Marketing Association - Australia - New Zealand Ltd. (Australia)


Jae Chun, Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific, Driscoll's (China)

Mau Wah Liu, Chairman of the Board, Joy Wing Mau Group (China)

China’s imported fruit has increased rapidly because the country’s expanding middle class demanded safer, quality food from trusted overseas markets. Now, Chinese companies are ramping up production, and more foreign companies have started producing in China to supplement their imported supply. As this shift happens, questions remain. What do Chinese retailers need to drive consumer demand for items produced in China? Will changes in the domestic supply impact global suppliers currently importing their products from elsewhere? This session will provide insight for domestic and international producers looking to get their products to Chinese consumers.

15:55 Networking Break - Salon du Theatre Foyer

16:30 Thinking Like a Global CEO


Cathy Burns, CEO, Produce Marketing Association (United States)


Tim Riley, President, The Giumarra Companies (United States)

Steve Barnard, President, Mission Produce Ltd. (United States)

David Marguleas, Executive Vice President, Sun-World (United States)

Adrielle Dankier, Commercial Director, Nature’s Pride (Netherlands)

The conditions of the produce and floral industries are changing faster than ever. Retail is expanding from physical spaces to online and back again while consumers continue to demand higher quality and convenience. It's not enough for a company to adapt to today's conditions – they must also forecast, and be prepared to address, the conditions of tomorrow. For many, this means expanding internationally. Produce Marketing Association’s CEO Cathy Burns will lead a discussion with CEOs of multinational companies, covering topics such as how to stay relevant in today's market, how to prioritize the many challenges facing the produce and floral industries, and the important issues they see for our industry moving forward.       

17:30 Wrap-up and Conclusion

17:35 Networking Reception and Farewell - Salon du Theatre Foyer


Image Source: PMA


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