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Xianfeng and Andrea Work Together To Strengthen China Presence of Sweet Globe Grapes

March 29, 2023

Sweet Globe table grapes, a popular green seedless variety cultivated in Peru, are now in season. These grapes boast a thin skin, a firm and crispy yet juicy flesh, and a sweet and refreshing flavor. Owing to these appealing features, Sweet Globe grapes have recently become one of the hottest commodities at stores of Chinese fruit giant Xianfeng Fruit.

In recent years, the Peruvian grape industry has been focusing on cultivar development, with the country’s farmers replacing old varieties with new ones to adapt to the rapidly evolving market demand. On account of these novel cultivars as well as favorable growing conditions, Peru has already overtaken Chile to become the world’s largest table grape exporter. Sweet Globe grapes, a standout variety, soon gained ground in China once they entered the country.

According to a representative from Xianfeng Fruit, the company chose “白玉指青提” (white jade fingers) as the Chinese product name for Sweet Globe grapes, which suggests a graceful appearance and high quality. With ever-increasing sales volumes over recent years, Sweet Globe grapes have developed into one of the key items at Xianfeng Fruit stores.

This year, Xianfeng Fruit set out to arrange the supplies and imports of Sweet Globe grapes three months ahead of the start of the season. Representatives from the company, led by experts from Sweet Globe producer Agricola Andrea, went all the way to Peru to see with their own eyes how Sweet Globe grapes are cultivated and processed.

In the past six years, Peru’s green table grape exports to China have grown from essentially non-existent to over 2,000 containers annually. The production regions for green table grapes are concentrated in sand dune areas along the country’s Pacific coast, where long hours of sunlight and dry weather provide perfect conditions for grape cultivation. As the producer of Sweet Globe grapes, Agricola Andrea plants and exports a wide variety of fruit including table grapes, blueberries, avocados and citrus fruits. Owing to the emphasis placed on quality control and cultivar development, other fruit products from the company have also achieved good market shares in China.

Benefiting from a good reputation accumulated over multiple years, Sweet Globe grapes now reportedly enjoy a very high purchase rate at Xianfeng Fruit stores. Many customers even placed pre-orders before arrival of the products. Stable product quality and years of good collaboration also bring Xianfeng Fruit and Agricola Andrea closer to each other, creating new opportunities for additional premium Peruvian fruits to reach Chinese consumers.

Images: Xianfeng Fruit

This article was based on a Chinese article. Read the original article.


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