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The Italian ‘Sweeki’ Kiwi Season Launch in Malaysia

December 05, 2018

Photo: From left to right: Eric Goh, Group Executive Director of Euro-Atlantic; Reen Nordin, Sales Manager of Origine Group; the Italian Ambassador in Malaysia Cristiano Maggipinto; Alessandro Zampagna, General Manager of Origine Group - Other photos of the event in Kuala Lumpur

The Italian Sweeki kiwi season was kicked off in Kuala Lumpur at an event organized by the Consortium Origine Group in cooperation with the importer Euro-Atlantic. Around 80 people attended the event, among them Malaysian buyers from both the retail and wholesale market. The Italian Ambassador in Malaysia Cristiano Maggipinto and the Director of the Italian Trade Commission in Kuala Lumpur Samuele Porsia were also present.  

The General Manager of Origine Group Alessandro Zampagna and Sales Manager Reen Nordin highlighted the value of the Sweeki commercial proposition, which guarantees to clients a high and constant quality level owing to the vital production capacity of Consortium members in Italy and Chile. Nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan talked about the nutritional value of kiwifruits and of their use in modern cuisine. Finally, a kiwi-based lunch, from salads to ice creams, was served to the guests.

The reaction of guests, who found Sweeki to be a global brand for high-quality kiwis, was exceedingly positive. After a successful season of Sweekis from Chile (1,000 tons sold in Asia), Italian Sweeki kiwis arrived in the Malaysian market with Sweeki Gold in September and Sweeki Green in November.

Thanks to the fruitful partnership with Euro-Atlantic, a leader in importing and distributing fruits in Malaysia, Sweeki is present both on the wholesale market and in several supermarket chains. Malaysia (with nearly 32 million inhabitants) represents a relatively small but modern market, with good spending power, and a strong focus on quality and health. During the season, promotional actions for Sweeki will be carried out both in supermarkets and wholesale markets.


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