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Uzbekistan and China Broaden Cooperation in Agriculture

Uzbekistan and China to build a food processing and logistics centre, negotiate on easier access for Uzbek agricultural exports to China

December 14, 2016

Ambassador of Uzbekistan to China Daniyar Kurbanov presents his country’s export potential at Uzbek-Chinese business forum
Photo: Intertrade Invest

Production, Export of Washington Apples Show Significant Growth

The Washington State apple industry announces increases in production and export to China

December 13, 2016

This year’s crop of Washington apples is up by 13% over the previous year
Photo: Stemilt

Russia’s Abundant Pine Nut Crop Propels Exports to China

China’s imports of Siberian pine nuts via Manchuria to exceed 5,000 tons in 2016

December 12, 2016

Russia’s pine nut industry experienced a bumper crop this year
Photo: Shutterstock

Russia Becomes the Fifth-Largest Importer of Apples from China

Chinese fruit exports to Russia through Manchuria grow by nearly 50%, with apples in high demand

December 06, 2016

Chinese apples make significant inroads into Russia’s market
Photo: Pinterest

Yidu Imports First Victorian Nectarines to China

Initial nectarine shipments from Victoria, Australia successfully reach Shanghai

December 02, 2016

First batches of Victorian nectarines imported to China
Photo: Yidu

Oranges from Egypt Outperform Grapefruit, Lemons in China

Egyptian oranges experience great success in China, but grapefruits and lemons are generally overlooked

November 29, 2016

Fruit Link sales director Ayman Bayoumy promotes Egyptian citrus at iFresh Fruit and Vegetable Expo 2016
Photo: Produce Report

Egyptian Fruit Exports Gain Momentum in China

Egypt expands its trade with China by increasing citrus shipments and beginning grape exports

November 29, 2016

Egypt’s Agricultural Export Council executive director Hany Hussein and the Egyptian Expo and Convention Authority representative Salama Said at iFresh China 2016
Photo: Produce Report

Chile Closes In as Top Exporter of Fresh Fruit to China

With Chile’s fruit exports to China growing every year, the country is aiming to become the leading exporter of fresh fruit to China

November 25, 2016

César Suárez: Chile is like a phytosanitary island which is protected from agricultural pests
Photo: Produce Report

South Australian Nectarines: From Tree to China in Three Days

Shipments of Australian nectarines to start arriving in China late November, peaking mid-January

November 23, 2016

John Moore presents Australian nectarines at iFresh Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition
Photo: Produce Report

Argentinian Grapes Look Forward to China Debut

With grapes from Argentina gaining access to China this past summer, Argentinian producers are beginning to work on new export opportunities

November 19, 2016

Juan José Ramos: “We are working hard to find partners in China so that we can already begin our exports for this season”

Photo: Produce Report