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Jing Zang

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Light Trading at Jiangnan as Holiday Consumption Fades

Jiangnan Wholesale Market trading volume declined between April 10 and April 16 following short-run growth during Tomb-sweeping Festival—a holiday where many people purchase fruit as tributes to deceased ancestors.

April 24, 2017
Jing Zang
Alquimia Fruits: A Positive Future in China

Few Chinese people know that Spain, despite its size, is one of the most competitive agricultural countries in the world and one whose produce reaches around the globe. In a recent interview with Produce Report, the Spanish-Argentinian company Alquimia Fruits discussed its recent successes and challenges in exporting Spanish oranges to China.

April 18, 2017
Jing Zang
Tmall Fresh CEO: How Big Is China’s Fresh Product Market?

At PMA Fresh Connections held in Shanghai on March 16, Ray He, the CEO of Tmall Fresh-one of the biggest E-Commerce platforms for fresh products in China, gave a vivid speech on the fresh product market in China concerning its potential, development trend and driving force.

April 09, 2017
Jing Zang
Sweeter Australian Nectarines Coming to China as Season Advances

Australian nectarines have been granted access to the Chinese market since 2016. Divergent voices about this Australian hit product are heard among Chinese traders. In the PMA Fresh Connections held in Shanghai on March 16, Produce Report was fortunate to meet Mr. John Moore, the CEO of Summerfruit Australia Limited, at the scene and inquired about his opinions on several hot topics concerning Australian nectarines and their first-year performance in China.

March 26, 2017
Jing Zang
Frutacloud CEO: How Can a New Produce Cover All Channels in China?

In the PMA Fresh Connections held in Shanghai on March 16, George Liu, the CEO of Frutacloud, gave a speech on online and offline marketing strategies in China. In his speech, he especially stressed the need for channel coverage and elaborated on how to maximize that in China for a new product.

March 20, 2017
Jing Zang
Chilean Prunes in Season at Jiangnan Wholesale Market

Trading volumes at Jiangnan Wholesale Market showed positive signs of growth for the period of February 27th- March 5th. With Chinese consumers' enhancing acknowledgment of prunes, Chilean prunes sell well.

March 10, 2017
Jing Zang
Israel’s Jaffa Orri Exports to China Expected to Increase

After three years, China has reopened its doors to Israeli citrus. Jaffa Orri, a mandarin orange under Israel’s national citrus brand Jaffa, is witnessing a stable increase in its export volumes to China.

February 21, 2017
Jing Zang
Sale of Longans Boosts Jiangnan Wholesale Market

After a week of sluggish performance, trading volumes at Jiangnan Wholesale Market showed signs of measured growth for the period of February 6th- February 12th. Three varieties of fruit, longans from Thailand and cherries and grapes from America, were the primary drivers behind this uptick at Jiangnan.

February 20, 2017
Jing Zang
Jiangnan Wholesale Market Experiences Sluggish Trading Volume

Spring Festival has gone, but its effect on the fruit market hasn’t. A robust increase in trading volume during the first half of the Chinese New Year holiday was followed by a slump in trading when the holiday drew to an end.

February 14, 2017
Jing Zang
Haisheng’s Glasshouse-grown White Strawberries Shine

Haisheng’s intelligent strawberry glass-greenhouse in Tongchuan City was recently granted Global G.A.P certification by the SGS, leading Haisheng’s strawberries, especially their unique Tao Xun variety of white strawberries, to once again draw wide spread industry attention.

February 07, 2017
Jing Zang