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Wholesale Market Report, Week 23: Grapefruit prices downsizing

June 06, 2016
South African grapefruit arrive at Chinese markets

South African citrus season has officially begun. This week the market has large quantities of South African-grown grapefruit, with uneven characteristics. The fruit has already been at the market for two weeks, and because of this, prices are very high -- around RMB 350 per box. Last year South African Grapefruit sold well, and better overall than grapefruit from the United States and Taiwan. The volume from South Africa was large, the quality stable, and the taste and texture both of high quality. Because of these factors, sales were good.

A few days ago the Shanghai market opened ten containers of South African grapefruit, the difference in overall quality was slight, with consistently good color and taste. However, overall movement was not high, resulting in Shanghai market prices dropping from RMB 240 to 180 yuan. When South African shipments rise, we predict prices will be relatively stable at between RMB 150-170.

This week, the Shanghai market also began selling two containers of American grapefruit. American grapefruit prices fell from a previous high of RMB 350 to about 220, or roughly the same price as South African grapefruit. Because the arriving volume of United States grapefruit is small, with good overall color and taste, good sales are expected to continue.

The arrival of large amounts of South African grapefruit to markets in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenyang, coupled with the slow sales at Shanghai markets, caused prices to plummet. 

Looking ahead to better weather and higher temperatures, demands for South African grapefruit are expected to increase, leading to a rebound in sales. After all, South African grapefruit are known in China as weight-loss tools, and have the trust of mainland consumers.

Grapefruit prices at Shanghai's Hui Exhibition Market as of June 2:

South African grapefruit: RMB 180-190 per 15kg box (40-55 pieces)

United States grapefruit: RMB  220 per 15kg box (35-40 pieces)

Image: Wikipedia

South African grapefruit arrive at Chinese markets

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