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Unitec’s Sorting Technologies: ‘12 Months of Work, 12 Months of Results’

February 12, 2020

This month’s Fruit Logistica in Berlin attracted over 3,300 exhibitors and 72,000 trade visitors from around the globe to network, make deals and share recent advances in the produce sector. Among these exhibitors was Unitec Group, which specializes in developing highly innovative technologies for handling and selecting fresh fruits and vegetables that are employed in packing houses around the world.

Unitec has a long history, with the group building its first sorting lines in 1924 and recently celebrating its 95th anniversary. In a recent press release issued during Fruit Logistica, Unitec summed up its previous year as “12 months of work, 12 months of results.” According to the group’s president, Angelo Benedetti, “Unitec’s results are its customers’ results,” adding that, “We, the people of Unitec, and our customers are on the same side. We are part of the same team. If we win, all of us win!”

The group’s exhibition at the show included live demonstrations of some of the following technologies developed by Unitec and its Unisorting brand for external and internal quality selection of fruit.

Cherry Vision 3.0

The Cherry Vision 3.0 system employs high-resolution cameras to acquire a complete picture of each cherry, including its more hidden parts, permitting quality selection with unprecedented reliability based on multiple parameters. According to Unitec, the company has received numerous compliments from its customers regarding the color, size and absence of defects in the selected cherries.

Blueberry Vision 3

The Blueberry Vision 3 system allows inspection of 100% of the fruit while combining maximum productivity and minimum damage.

Plum Vision 3

The Plum Vision 3 system can detect the features of plums with extreme precision, guaranteeing consistent quality over time.

Kiwi Vision 3

The Kiwi Vision 3 system permits quality selection of all types of kiwifruits, including both green- and yellow-fleshed varieties, while avoiding damage.

UNIQ range

UNIQ Cherry, UNIQ Plum, UNIQ Kiwi and UNIQ Apples are innovative Unitec and Unisorting systems for performing internal quality selection of cherries, plums, kiwifruits and apples, respectively. These systems are equipped with high-resolution cameras to reveal the organoleptic properties of these fruits with unprecedented reliability and precision.

Pears Sort 3

The Pears Sort 3 system is able to scan pears around a full 360° and select fruit with extreme reliability, affording excellent qualitative homogeneity both within a single batch and across multiple batches.

Apples Sort 3

The Apples Sort 3 system allows apples to be sorted according to the specific requirements of the intended target market.

Dates Sort 3

The Dates Sort 3 system is able to inspect 100% of the surface of each date to guarantee maximum reliability and precision.

Unitec claims that its innovative technologies can help its customers reduce labor costs and achieve consistent quality over time, thereby securing consumer loyalty.

According to Benedetti, “At Fruit Logistica 2020, we will be full of the same passion and confidence we have always had. Confidence in technology, in innovation, in the fact that only by working every day without holding back, by giving our best and aiming at excellence, we can guarantee real development results to packing houses all over the world.”

Images: Unitec Group