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[Press Release] Joy Wing Mau Expanding ClemenGold’s China Presence With Co-Branded Juice Launch

August 19, 2023

On Aug. 17, Joy Wing Mau Fruit Technologies Group, ClemenGold and Hun Juice launched their joint marketing campaign for a new clementine juice product called “Golden Secret in South Africa” (南非蜜语). Joy Wing Mau holds a leading position as a Chinese supplier of fresh fruits, ClemenGold stands out as a premium South African citrus brand and Hun Juice is an innovative juice brand within China. This partnership is aimed at bringing ClemenGold to a broader spectrum of Chinese consumers and thus further solidifying the company’s presence in the Chinese market.

ClemenGold is a registered trademark for selected Nadorcott mandarins that meet a variety of strict quality standards. Since its introduction to the Chinese market in 2013, this product has been well received, witnessing a remarkable tenfold surge in sales. As the largest distributor of ClemenGold mandarins in China, Joy Wing Mau has been providing professional marketing services and effectively promoting the product within the Chinese market.

By leveraging the natural sweetness, invigorating freshness and juiciness of ClemenGold mandarins, Joy Wing Mau has strategically centered its marketing approach on the fruit’s sweet flavor. In collaboration with Hun Juice, it has now launched the marketing campaign for “Golden Secret in South Africa,” made from 100% clementine juice. In addition, a gift box will be offered to consumers containing not only ClemenGold mandarins but also the co-branded beverage. Through these marketing events, consumers can enjoy the distinct taste of ClemenGold mandarins through both the juice and the fruit.

Joy Wing Mau has an extensive understanding of consumer preferences in first-tier cities in China. It has strategically designated Guangzhou and Shenzhen as its major marketing hubs, with the intention of expanding its reach to adjacent cities such as Dongguan. Beyond its collaboration with Hun Juice, Joy Wing Mau has also embarked on initiatives to enhance the popularity of ClemenGold mandarins among high-end consumers, including creating brand-themed outlets and collaborating with influencers.

These marketing endeavors have substantially boosted the influence of ClemenGold. The current collaboration between ClemenGold and Joy Wing Mau stands as another milestone of their strategic alliance, following the jointly launched “Concept Kitchen” campaign that helped ClemenGold win the Marketing Campaign of the Year award at Asia Fruit Logistica in 2022.

Looking ahead, Joy Wing Mau is committed to further bolstering ClemenGold’s presence within the Chinese market. Through innovative marketing campaigns, Joy Wing Mau aims to explore and introduce more strategies to reach and captivate consumers, thereby propelling sales of ClemenGold mandarins in China.

Images: Joy Wing Mau Fruit Technologies Group

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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