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Joy Wing Mau and Zespri Sign Strategic Sustainable Collaboration Agreement During State Visit

July 03, 2023

From June 25 to 30, New Zealand’s prime minister Christopher John Hipkins led a delegation of business representatives on a state visit to China. During the trip, in the presence of Prime Minister Hipkins and Bruce Cameron, chairman of Zespri Group Limited, a strategic sustainable collaboration agreement was signed between Joy Wing Mau Fruit Technologies Group, represented by its chairman and CEO Zhang Jian, and Zespri, represented by its Greater China general manager Jiang Shijie. This agreement aims to bolster the strategic focus on sustainable development and elevate cooperation between the fruit industries of China and New Zealand to a higher level.

The recent agreement builds upon the existing economic and trade cooperation between the two countries as well as the five-year strategic partnership agreement signed by Joy Wing Mau and Zespri in 2021. With its extensive multichannel sales network, digitalized supply chain and professional marketing services, Joy Wing Mau has been actively supporting Zespri’s sustainable development in the Chinese market, thereby fostering the growth of China–New Zealand economic and trade relations.

Zespri, one of New Zealand’s most prominent exporters, has been forging a long-term and mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Joy Wing Mau since its entry into the Chinese market. At present, Joy Wing Mau stands as Zespri’s largest customer around the globe. Through this close collaboration, China has become the largest export market for Zespri kiwifruit.

As a key strategic partner of Zespri, Joy Wing Mau will collaborate closely with the kiwifruit giant to drive the adoption of green packaging materials in China. Furthermore, Joy Wing Mau will actively encourage its partners to fulfill their responsibilities with respect to environmental protection and establish a green industry chain that encompasses green cultivation, environmentally friendly packaging materials, sustainable warehousing and energy-saving transportation.

China has become the primary destination for agricultural products from New Zealand. Following the recent upgrade of the China–New Zealand free trade agreement in 2022, the implementation of new policies, including tariff reductions, streamlined customs procedures and expanded market access, has provided convenience and benefits to individuals and companies from both nations.

Furthermore, 2024 will mark the 10th anniversary of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and New Zealand. As a leading fruit company in China and the largest distributor of fruit from New Zealand within the Chinese market, Joy Wing Mau is committed to further enhancing its economic and trade cooperation with its New Zealand partners such as Zespri and Rockit. Beyond consistently delivering fresh premium fruits from New Zealand to Chinese consumers, Joy Wing Mau will also prioritize a development model that places significant emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection.

Images: Joy Wing Mau

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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