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Joy Wing Mau and Haisheng Announce Strategic Cooperation Partnership

December 20, 2016

A strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Joy Wing Mau Group (JWM) and China Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice Co., Ltd (Haisheng) was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province on 11th Dec2016. During the ceremony, the two companies joined hands in releasing their new product-Glasshouse Strawberries. The strategic cooperation partnership also stated that two giants would work together closely in establishing a fresh fruit value chain. Mr. Li Zhiqiang, Deputy Mayor of Tongchuan City, Mr. Chao Junwen, Secretary-General of Fruit Department, China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce, Mr. Zhang Jian, CEO of JWM, Mr. Liu Xiuliang, Deputy GM of Modern Channel Department, JWM, Mr. Lei Jun, Product Director of New Product Incubation Department, JWM, Mr. Wang Hui, Deputy GM of Haisheng, Mr. Wang Yasen, General Manger of Fresh Food Business Department, Haisheng, along with other leaders from both companies, and Representatives from more than 20 mass media outlets all attended the event.

Not only are JWM and Haisheng two leading companies in their respective industries but they also share a common philosophy, vision, and goal. Both are sparing no effort in leading the sustainable development of China’s diverse fruit industry. As a giant in China’s fruit industry, JWM was the forerunner who put forward the development strategy of sharing a global fruit value chain. JWM is also committed to working closely with partners around the globe to forge a fruit value chain featuring the very best varieties, the best producing bases, the most reputed brands, with the highest efficiency, resulting in fruit with the best status and customer experience possible, which makes the partnership of Haisheng and JWM a match made in heaven.

Founded in 1996, Haisheng is the largest producer and supplier of fruit juice concentrate in the world. The focus of the agricultural sector of Haisheng is to introduce the world’s leading variety of resources and planting technologies in an attempt to upgrade the domestic industrial model while realizing large-scale cultivation and intensive management.

Glasshouse Strawberries are derived from a renowned variety of Japanese winter strawberry named Red Cheek in Chinese, these Strawberries are cultivated in a bacteria-free environment in China’s biggest intelligent strawberry glasshouse in Tongchuan, Shaanxi Province. Built by Haisheng at the cost of more than 200 million RMB (about 29 million USD),the glasshouse is the largest of its kind in Asia with an area of 52,680 square meters. It is also one of the most advanced in the world with all equipment imported from the Netherlands. Strawberries cultivated there can get the best-growing condition regarding temperature, photosynthesis, water supply, as well as air and soil quality. Along with their growing cycle, Glasshouse Strawberries let nature take its course with no use of pesticides and fertilizers. Every strawberry is edible immediately after being hand-picked. In addition to excellent taste and high nutrition, the strawberries also boast high levels of vitamin C, with 80-90 mg/100g. It was reported that since 12th Dec 2016, the strawberries would be available online and offline in Ole and Sam’s Club.

The ceremony also paved the way for more win-win cooperation through complementarities in the future. JWM’s advantages lie in an all-dimensional distribution network while Haisheng invests a lot in the growing and development of new fruit varieties. JWM also makes large investments in growing blueberries and kiwi fruits to name a few. The two giants will learn much from each other in their strategic partnership . The two firms look forward to bringing more quality products to consumers.

Image source: Joy Wing Mau Group


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