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Chilean Table Grapes and Partner Up With Season in Full Swing

April 23, 2022

April marks the height of Chilean table grape arrivals in China and shipment volumes have been rising steadily in recent weeks. These arrivals to China take place against the backdrop of a strong 2021/22 table grape production season in Chile. The Chilean Table Grape Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) has projected that the total export volume of Chilean table grapes this season will reach 84.6 million 8.2-kilogram boxes (693,707 metric tons), an increase of 29.3% over last season.

Chile’s supply of table grapes to international markets typically starts ramping up in mid-January. Data from ASOEX show that through week 14 (April 4–10) Chile’s fresh table grape exports for the current season stood at 485,217 tons, or 69.95% of the projected season total. This cumulative export volume through week 14 was running 6.2% higher than forecast. Exports were expected to drop substantially in week 15, with the harvest already having been completed for many varieties and regions. White and black seedless grape exports for the season were nearly complete, while Red Globe and red seedless varieties will still ship in significant volumes for several weeks to come.

With some weeks needed for ocean shipment to China, table grapes from Chile’s peak export period are currently hitting the China market. The Chilean Table Grape Committee has continued this season to deepen its cooperation with Chinese e-commerce giant, which is now serving as a key online promotion channel for Chilean table grapes. A variety of Chilean green and red seedless grapes are being sold by in the self-operated fruit shop section of its e-commerce platform.

A banner for the Grape Festival promotion.

On April 8, the Chilean Table Grape Committee and launched a three-week “Grape Festival” promotion featuring high-value discount coupons to attract consumers to purchase Chilean table grapes online. Customer orders are being delivered by’s self-operated logistics service. Having its own logistics service sets apart from other e-commerce operators and helps maintain the cold chain throughout the distribution and delivery process to get Chilean table grapes to consumers in the freshest possible state.

Various types of grapes occupy 30% of the fruit planting area in Chile and table grapes are Chile’s second-largest fresh fruit export category after cherries. Furthermore, Chile is China’s chief supplier of imported table grapes, with 15% of Chilean table grape exports in 2021 bound for China.

To keep in step with evolving consumer demands in China and other markets around the world, Chilean table grape growers are constantly introducing new varieties. “In addition to the counterseasonal production, diversity of supply is one of the strong selling points that Chilean table grapes offer to the China market,” said Charif Christian Carvajal, ASOEX’s marketing director for Europe and Asia. “A wide range of different varieties of white, red and black table grapes from Chile are available for the enjoyment of consumers across China.”

Images: ASOEX


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