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Chilean Cherry Committee Releases Export Quality Standards

November 24, 2021

In a move that is expected to further increase the quality and consistency of fresh cherries exported from Chile, the Chilean Cherry Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) has recently released a “Recommended Quality Guide for Export Cherries.” The guide covers a range of fruit attributes such as size, sweetness and firmness and includes a standardized sizing and color nomenclature for labeling.

The Chilean Cherry Committee includes most of Chile’s best-known cherry brands. With so many exporters cooperating to develop the new quality guide, the move is expected to bring a positive change to a significant portion of Chile’s cherry exports.

“The Recommended Quality Guide for Export Cherries marks a significant milestone for the quality and consistency of our industry’s exports,” said Cristian Tagle, president of the Chilean Cherry Committee. “The Chilean Cherry Committee continues to take a leading role in helping our partners in export markets to clearly understand what they are buying and to receive a consistent and high-quality product. Importers can now have even greater confidence that when they choose to work with one of the Chilean Cherry Committee’s member companies, they will receive a quality product.”

The new guidelines outline the correct labeling of varieties as well as the designations of “dark sweet cherries” and “light sweet cherries” in situations when the unique variety name cannot be used.

Committee members have also agreed on specific standards for cherries exported to China. For example, from Dec. 1, 2021, the minimum size of cherries shipped to China will be XL, meaning that size L fruit will no longer be sent to this market.

Finally, Chilean Cherry Committee members will move as quickly as possible to implement new uniform size and color labeling standards for the 2021/22 season, as outlined in the table below:

Chile’s production and exports of fresh cherries have expanded rapidly in recent years, making the Chilean Cherry Committee’s groundbreaking efforts to increase quality and consistency doubly important in letting both traders and consumers around the world enjoy consistently delicious cherries during the Chinese New Year holiday and beyond.

Images: Chilean Cherry Committee


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