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Chinese Breeders Unveil World’s First Longan/Lychee Hybrid

Scientists at South China Agricultural University have reportedly developed the first commercially viable hybrid cultivar of longans and lychees, named Cuimi SZ52, by cross-pollination.

August 29, 2022
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Prices Tumble as Glut of Northern China Tomatoes Hits Market in August

Tomato prices in China have fallen recently owing to supply outstripping demand alongside quality problems in some growing areas.

August 28, 2022
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Agriculture Cooperation Deepening, Cambodia Pushes for Broader China Market Access

Cambodian and Chinese officials recently met in Phnom Penh in an effort to further strengthen agricultural ties between the two countries.

August 25, 2022
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Fresh Indonesian Pineapples Gain Official China Market Access

Indonesian pineapples from approved plantations and packing facilities will now be allowed to enter China.

August 23, 2022
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Season’s First Container of Imported ‘Berry Tasty’ Blueberries Arrives in China

The arrival of this season’s first shipment of imported Berry Tasty blueberries from Peru was recently celebrated in Shanghai.

August 21, 2022
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Cambodian Banana Exports Hit 218,000 Tons in First Half of 2022

China is now the key market for Cambodian banana exports.

August 18, 2022
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USDA Report Highlights Shifts in China’s Cherry Market

Despite rising prices and output, quality remains a key challenge for China’s domestic cherries.

August 17, 2022
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[Press Release] Interpoma 2022: Stable Production Levels Across Europe as Apple Industry Heads Toward Its Congress

Data presented at Prognosfruit indicate good apple production figures in Europe for the upcoming season.

August 15, 2022
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Fresh Egyptian Pomegranates Gain Official China Market Access

China’s General Administration of Customs has granted market access to fresh Egyptian pomegranates.

August 14, 2022
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Vietnam’s Durian Industry Gears Up for Opening of China Market

Vietnamese durian prices are on the rise in anticipation of the first season of exports to China via normal trade channels.

August 11, 2022
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