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Jing Zang

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China’s Growing Appetite for Fresh Prune Plums

Fresh prune plums are becoming more and more popular among consumers in China. In an interview with Produce Report, Mr. Hermann Mecklenburg of Giddings Fruit, a major exporter of fresh prune plums in Chile, shared his insight into marketing the fruit in China.

May 02, 2018
Jing Zang
San Francisco Lo Garces Discusses Record Chilean Cherry Season

In an interview with Produce Report, Mr. Hernan Garces of San Francisco Lo Garces, the largest cherry producer and exporter in Chile, introduced his company and shared his insight into China’s cherry market.

April 14, 2018
Jing Zang
First Two Months of 2018: Strong Growth in China’s Fruit Imports

Data from China Customs shows four varieties of fruit, cherries, oranges, blueberries, and bananas, registering robust year-on-year growth in both import volume and import value during the first two months of 2018.

April 10, 2018
Jing Zang
2017 Year in Review: China’s Cherry Market

China imported 102,000 tons of cherries valued at USD 700 million in 2017. Produce Report got a first-hand account of the market performance of imported cherries from different countries.

March 19, 2018
Jing Zang
Pagoda Issues Sales Report for the Spring Festival Holiday

Produce Report interviewed Pagoda to explore the key fruit and consumer trends from 2018’s Spring Festival holiday.

March 16, 2018
Jing Zang
2017 Year in Review: China’s Avocado Market

China imported a record 32,100 tons of avocado in 2017, with a record value of USD 105 million.

February 21, 2018
Jing Zang
More Players Build a Brighter Future for China’s Avocado Market

An online discussion by Supafresh on current and future trends in China’s avocado market has garnered considerable attention.

January 28, 2018
Jing Zang
DOLE: Chinese Consumers Can Say No to GMO Papayas

In conversation with Produce Report, DOLE elaborated on why its Philippine papayas stand out in the highly competitive Chinese market.

January 16, 2018
Jing Zang
Mr. Avocado Starts Reaping the Fruit of its Labour in China

Merely eight months after its founding, Mr. Avocado has witnessed its average transaction volume rocket to 45,000 fruit per day. Now, the brand has identified channel coverage as its next priority.

December 27, 2017
Jing Zang
Charters Ensure Earlier Access to Chilean Cherries This Season

As getting earlier access to Chilean cherries has been of increasing importance to China’s entire fruit industry, more importers are choosing air shipments, or even charter flights, to seize the initiative in this intensely competitive market.

December 01, 2017
Jing Zang