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China Announces Anti-Dumping Measures against US SorghumChina’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) on Tuesday that as of April 18, US exporters would be required to pay a 178.6% deposit on all shipments of Sorghum to China. April 19, 2018
Dan Siekman
CHINA FRUIT LOGISTICA: Fresh powerChina Fruit Logistica will provide the country’s fresh produce trade with a new professional platform on a national scale when it launches on 14-16 May in Shanghai. April 19, 2018
PMA Fresh Connections China: Discovering China's New Retail LandscapeSuper Species, Hema and other new brands like 7Fresh from and Huixuan from Walmart are all relatively freshly established and are all competing against each other to be the replacement for traditional wet markets for urban consumers’ daily food shopping needs. April 18, 2018
Dan Siekman

Exploring the fresh fruit section at a Hema Fresh supermarket.

Ticket shop open for Asia Fruit LogisticaTickets are now on sale for Asia’s leading continental trade show for fresh fruit and vegetable marketing, which is back in September. April 18, 2018
Produce Report
Cold Front Severely Damages Fruit Trees in Northern China Freezing temperatures swept across China in early April. While southern China was largely unscathed, northern provinces suffered significant damage to apples, kiwis, and more. Production rates drop as farmers recoup. April 15, 2018
Yiguo’s Win-Chain to Boost the Fresh Food Industry with Big DataYiguo unveils Win-Chain, a subsidiary supply chain company that makes the most out of business intelligence to enhance the fresh food industry. April 13, 2018
Season's First New Zealand Kiwifruit Arrive in ChinaThe Zespri SunGold brand fruit arrived at Nangang Port aboard the refrigerated cargo ship Klipper Stream, which sailed from Tauranga on March 30. April 12, 2018
Dan Siekman
Mr Avocado: New Ripening Center, 3-4 Times Sales Growth in Next Three YearsMr. Avocado, a brand which has only been on the market for about a year, is a joint venture among dominant global avocado supplier Mission Produce, Chinese importer Lantao, and Pagoda, a chain of thousands of fruit retail shops across China. April 11, 2018
Dan Siekman

Jade Shen, General Manager, Mr. Avocado, speaking in Shenzhen in late March at PMA Fresh Connections: China

First Two Months of 2018: Strong Growth in China’s Fruit ImportsData from China Customs shows four varieties of fruit, cherries, oranges, blueberries, and bananas, registering robust year-on-year growth in both import volume and import value during the first two months of 2018. April 10, 2018
Jing Zang
2018 Pineapple Prices Rise as Peak Season ArrivesChina’s domestic pineapple market surges and prices rise as growers wave goodbye to the depressed market of previous years. Xuwen County’s “sea of pineapples” welcomes a phase of high productivity. In the meantime, pineapple imports continue to grow. April 07, 2018
Sevan Golnazarian