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Inside the Chilean Industry Quality System for Exported Blueberries

Produce Report learns how the Chilean Blueberry Committee is working to ensure that international markets receive a top-quality Chilean blueberry product.

February 06, 2021
Produce Report
Videos Highlight Confidence in Cherry Sales: Feb. 6 Update

A wide range of online and offline promotions and other communications efforts are ongoing across China.

February 06, 2021
Dan Siekman
Say ‘I Do’ to Cherries on Valentine’s Day: Feb. 5 Update

The Chilean Cherry Committee prepared and filmed the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for one lucky couple in Shanghai.

February 05, 2021
Dan Siekman
Widespread Positive TV News Coverage of Cherries: Feb. 4 Update

Over the past 10 days at least 26 television news reports focusing on the safety and positive aspects of cherries have been aired.

February 04, 2021
Dan Siekman
USDA Releases 2020/21 China Citrus Annual Report

What shifts are happening in China’s orange markets? Produce Report gives you the most critical information from the USDA’s 2020/21 China Citrus Annual.

February 04, 2021
Connor W
Greenery Launches Cherry Group Buy Promo: Feb. 3 Update

Greenery Fruit of Changsha launched a group buy promotion featuring cherries yesterday.

February 03, 2021
Dan Siekman
Chilean Cherry Digital Promotions Accelerating: Feb. 2 Update

More activities are starting to come online on digital channels to stimulate the consumption of cherries both online and offline.

February 02, 2021
Dan Siekman
Feb. 1 Chilean Cherry China Promotion Update: Offline Heating Up

As the Spring Festival holiday draws closer, many retailers are seeing more foot traffic around their cherry promotion areas.

February 01, 2021
Dan Siekman
China Customs Busts $48 Million Fruit Smuggling Ring

Customs authorities in Southern China are ramping up the pressure on illicit produce smuggling rings illegally exploiting local trade policies.

January 31, 2021
Connor W
Cherries a Vital Tool for Following Healthy Diet Guidelines

Scientists have isolated dozens of bioactive compounds from sweet cherries.

January 31, 2021
Dan Siekman


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