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Week 12 Wholesale Report: Oranges from U.S., Spain, Egypt

Price fluctuations, but good prospects for Cara Cara, navel, Valencia oranges

March 28, 2016
E. S. Jackson
Californian Cherries Expecting a Bumper Harvest in 2016

Produce Report recently spoke with Brianna Shales, C

March 27, 2016
Mission, Lantao, Pagoda Sign to Move Avocados Forward

With representatives from the fruit industry and foreign gues

March 21, 2016
E. S. Jackson
PMA Fresh Connections: China Opens in Shanghai

The annual PMA Fresh Connections: China conference starts today at the Westin Bund

March 17, 2016
Produce Report
GWM China Fruit Import Update: Blueberries and Apples, Week 10/2016

Grapes continue to lead the market with regard to supply and

March 15, 2016
Dutch HBS Operates Joint Tomato Greenhouse Project in Henan

Produce Report recently learned about the Dutch comp

March 15, 2016
E. S. Jackson
Imports of New Zealand Kiwiberries Suspended by China

New Zealand kiwiberries have been warmly welcomed by the Chin

March 13, 2016
E. S. Jackson
Mexican Bananas Soon to Arrive in China

Insights from the President of the National Banana Product System Committee

March 11, 2016
The Statistics of China’s Apple imports and exports in 2015

The statistical report for the import and export of apples in

March 09, 2016
PMA Fresh Connections: Connecting You with China

With a huge and lucrative consumer market, China is your key

March 09, 2016
Produce Report


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