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Mr Apple Launches “Little Darling” in Selected Walmarts across China

June 01, 2015

Between May 29th and June 2nd, Mr Apple held promotional activities to celebrate the launch of its “Little DarlingsTM” brand of apples in Walmart stores across Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Xiamen.

Mr Apple consultant Lisa Cork told Produce Report ( that Mr Apple works hard to cooperate together with their retail partners to launch high-quality products and innovation branding projects to boost sales and increase product value. As New Zealand’s largest apple exporter, Mr Apple accounts for roughly 25% of total apple export volume; according to Lisa, “one in every four apples exported from New Zealand is a Mr Apple apple.”

Branding and innovation must start with quality. The “Little DarlingsTM” brand of apples is a small, high-quality apple, focusing mainly on children as targeted consumers by appealing to both children and parents via its high-quality, sweet, crispy, juicy taste and colour. “Little DarlingsTM” apples have been launched in other Asian markets as well, such as Singapore.

Walmart China directly purchased the first shipment of “Little DarlingsTM” apples and Mr Apple expects to be witness to future growth for the Chinese market.


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