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Joy Wing Mau Group Helps Develop International Fruit Trade at 6th WCO Global AEO Conference

May 15, 2024

The 6th WCO Global AEO Conference being held in Shenzhen.

The 6th World Customs Organization Global Authorized Economic Operator Conference, co-organized by the WCO, the General Administration of Customs of China and the People’s Government of Shenzhen, took place in Shenzhen from May 8 to 10. This represents the first time that the high-level global AEO conference has been held in China.

Joy Wing Mau Group, one of the first fruit entities in Shenzhen to attain AEO certification and the very first to secure a group certification, was invited to attend the conference, showcasing both the group’s strengths in connecting the global fruit trade as an AEO-certified entity and its contributions to globalization, the high-quality development of the international fruit trade, and establishing a mutually beneficial, smooth and sustainable environment for global trade.

The conference was attended by over 1,200 representatives of government departments, international organizations, businesses and academia from more than 100 countries and regions. Joy Wing Mau Group, the only fruit company participating in the event, was the first of its kind to enjoy the benefits of the AEO system after successfully being awarded AEO Advanced Certification by Chinese customs authorities in 2018. Earlier this year, Joy Wing Mau Group gained new momentum in international trade as two of its subsidiaries also obtained AEO certification.

At the Global AEO Conference Media Open Day in April 2024, Joy Wing Mau Group (third from right) was awarded AEO Enterprise Certification by Shenzhen Customs as one of three enterprises from Shenzhen obtaining AEO Advanced Certification.

Recognized internationally, AEO Advanced Certification represents the highest customs credit rating and enables the certificate holder to enjoy facilitated customs clearance processes, such as faster clearance, lower inspection rates and prioritized territorial inspections in the case of AEO-recognized countries and regions. As trade exchanges between China and other AEO-recognized countries and regions deepen, Joy Wing Mau Group, empowered by its credibility as an AEO, has taken the leap to go global and continues to optimize its worldwide supply chains by vigorously expanding into emerging markets covered by the Belt and Road Initiative.

To date, Joy Wing Mau Group has conducted fruit business in over 40 countries and regions around the world, becoming a leader in the global fruit trade. By leveraging the benefits of the AEO system, the group has created green channels to quickly transport premium fruits to China from around the world, including Peruvian blueberries, Chilean cherries, New Zealand kiwifruit and Thai durians, thus ensuring that Chinese consumers are always able to enjoy fresh, high-quality and healthy fruits.

Joy Wing Mau Group has been interviewed by various media, including CCTV Finance, People’s Daily, Economic Daily and Shenzhen TV, as a representative advanced AEO-certified enterprise in Shenzhen. These pictures were taken from CCTV’s prime-time news broadcast and Morning News on May 8.

Joy Wing Mau Group strives to align with the world and share the benefits with its partners and customers. As a showcase example of the recent efforts of customs authorities to help companies through AEO certification, Joy Wing Mau Group has been strictly holding itself to AEO standards and ensuring operational compliance. Joy Wing Mau Group is proud to have had the opportunity to participate in the 6th WCO Global AEO Conference, which has enabled it to elevate its credibility, global image and international influence in domestic and international upstream and downstream supply chains while teaming up with its global partners to propel the steady development of an inclusive and sustainable global fruit trade.

Images: Joy Wing Mau Group

The 6th WCO Global AEO Conference being held in Shenzhen.


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