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Joy Wing Mau Embarks on New Chapter With Headquarters Relocation

December 26, 2023

The morning of Dec. 24 saw the relocation ceremony of Joy Wing Mau Group’s headquarters, marked by warm applause and bursts of ceremonial gunfire. The group’s management and nearly a thousand employees witnessed and celebrated this historic moment.

Jason Zhang, the company’s chairman and CEO, delivered a speech in which he reviewed the multiple relocations of Joy Wing Mau, from a small office to the current multifunctional building. According to him, this journey stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of all of Joy Wing Mau’s employees. The new corporate headquarters, the Binhai Tower, was invested in and designed by the company itself, and the incorporation of advanced technologies is said to position the building at the forefront of China’s fruit industry.

Jason Zhang, chairman and CEO of Joy Wing Mau.

Witnessing this new milestone in the company’s development, Zhang also expressed his earnest expectations for the future. He stressed that all of Joy Wing Mau’s employees should continue to uphold the company’s culture of hard work, boldness and diligence while striving for greater achievements. It is hoped that the new headquarters will bear witness to the company’s journey toward new heights.

In his own address, Mau-Wah Liu, the company’s founder and honorary chairman, expressed sincere gratitude to the construction workers and all employees who have made significant contributions to the company’s development over the past 25 years. Considering the ever-changing global market, he said that he hopes that all employees can unite to overcome challenges and collectively create a brighter future in a more comfortable and convenient working space.

Mau-Wah Liu, founder and honorary chairman of Joy Wing Mau.

The new headquarters is also home to a distribution center serving as Asia’s first fully automated and smart cold storage facility. As a pivotal municipal project in Shenzhen, the Binhai Tower integrates diverse functions such as sorting, processing, storage and comprehensive supply chain services, symbolizing the company’s commitment to harnessing digitalization for industry advancement and offering more efficient services to its global partners. Leveraging the transportation advantages of the Greater Bay Area, the building is poised to play a pivotal role in Joy Wing Mau’s future growth.

The Binhai Tower.

Embarking on this new chapter, Joy Wing Mau is set to transform its grand vision of becoming a century-old company with annual sales exceeding one hundred billion Chinese yuan into reality. This transformation will reportedly be achieved by facilitating the growth of smart supply chains and deepening the global supply chain layout.

Images: Joy Wing Mau Group

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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