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Joy Wing Mau Group Attends Global Cherry Summit in Chile

April 26, 2024

On April 25, the Global Cherry Summit 2024 was held in Chile. As a pioneer in China’s fruit industry, a leading importer of Chilean cherries and one of the summit’s top sponsors, Joy Wing Mau Group and its Joyvio brand of cherries had a strong presence at the event, introducing the company’s vision to global players and expanding its network with the ambition of “soaring into the sky, uniting for greater heights.”

Joy Wing Mau Group Captures Attention at Summit

The Global Cherry Summit has become a key event for the cherry industry, attracting thousands of companies, organizations and industry representatives this year. Konna Mu, general manager of Joy Wing Mau Group’s international procurement platform, attended the summit and the round-table forum to actively explore cooperation opportunities with growers, cherry associations, importers and exporters. Mu explained the opportunities and challenges facing China’s cherry industry, sharing with participants Joy Wing Mau Group’s strengths in the cherry business as well as its endeavors to promote the development and stability of domestic and international fruit industry chains.

Konna Mu, general manager of Joy Wing Mau Group’s international procurement platform, attending the round-table forum during the summit.

Over the past several seasons, Joy Wing Mau Group has worked to propel sales of Chilean cherries in China by cooperating with its upstream and downstream partners. In January, the company entered into a strategic cooperation with global shipping giant Maersk to establish a customized route for shipping Chilean cherries directly to China. This helped reignite demand for high-quality cherries among Chinese consumers and serves as an example for innovative fruit trade models. This model was also selected by Xinhua News Agency as a representative case for high-quality development in 2024.

During the summit, Joy Wing Mau Group also showcased its numerous achievements to demonstrate the depth and width of its active participation in bolstering trade and economic ties between China and Chile. By promoting cooperation with cherry growers, upgrading global logistics chains, building new procedures for rapid customs clearance via multiple ports, and providing a powerful omnichannel distribution system and end-to-end efficient distribution services, Joy Wing Mau Group has been creating an increasing number of new opportunities for Chilean cherries. Joy Wing Mau Group has also repeatedly set new speed records for cherry shipments from Chile to China, while its high-end Joyvio brand of cherries is continuously invigorating the Chinese market.

“Soar into the Sky, and Unite for Greater Heights” Partner Appreciation Dinner Held Successfully

On the occasion of the Global Cherry Summit, Joy Wing Mau Group held its “Soar into the Sky, and Unite for Greater Heights” Partner Appreciation Dinner 2024 to promote global connections and diversity in the fruit industry.

Joy Wing Mau Group sharing its past achievements and future plans with its partners in a toast during the dinner.

Over the past 26 years, by leveraging its industry-leading digitization and strong capacity in channels, branding and global distribution, Joy Wing Mau Group has been collaborating with its global partners to soar to greater heights together. As a core link in the fruit distribution value chain, Joy Wing Mau Group stands poised to share with its global partners the benefits of the Chinese consumer market, which features the largest size and fastest growth worldwide. Meanwhile, the company is continuing its efforts to help build a bridge between Chilean cherry growers and the Chinese market, continuously connecting with global players in the fruit industry for mutual benefit.

Images: Joy Wing Mau Group


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