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Joy Wing Mau and Maersk Collaborate To Bring Chinese Consumers a New Year Gift

January 23, 2024

Transportation of Chilean cherries from Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port.

On Jan. 20, 2024, a refrigerated cargo ship carrying Chilean cherries, a fruit symbolizing good luck and prosperity in China, arrived at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port after a sea journey of over 20,000 miles. The vessel’s arrival marked a successful maiden voyage for the use of chartered ships by Joy Wing Mau to transport Chilean cherries in 2024, setting another example of the company’s creative approach to developing the fruit trade between Chile and China.

While the Chilean cherry industry faces severe challenges due to ever-changing weather conditions, Joy Wing Mau is committed to linking global core fruit resources and ensuring that its products perfectly match the demands of Chinese consumers by leveraging its distinct advantages of direct purchasing, integration of premium supplies, and coordinating with and linking both upstream and downstream sections of the supply chain, including picking, sorting, full container loading, cross-border transportation and domestic distribution. By exploiting its powerful operational capabilities throughout the supply chain, Joy Wing Mau has ensured the timely arrival of premium Chilean cherries in China ahead of the Year of the Dragon, demonstrating the company’s expertise in global procurement, supply chain management and nationwide distribution.

Representatives of Joy Wing Mau, Shanghai International Port Group, Maersk, suppliers, and Shanghai Oheng Import and Export Company jointly celebrating the arrival of the Chilean cherries at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port.

Recently, Joy Wing Mau has further cemented its leading position in the industry through joint efforts and coordination in terms of international logistics and digitization. The company has worked in close cooperation with global shipping giant Maersk to customize a direct route from Chile to China for delivering Chilean cherries to Chinese customers via an optimized logistics chain. To ensure fruit quality, the cherries are kept refrigerated throughout their journey from producers in Chile to consumers in China by exploiting refrigerated vessels with intelligent temperature control and directly transporting cherries to stores immediately after arrival. All of these efforts have been taken to ensure that during the Spring Festival holiday Chinese consumers can enjoy Chilean cherries that are as fresh and juicy as they were on the trees.

Partners jointly celebrating the arrival of the Chilean cherries at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port.

The strategic cooperation agreement between Joy Wing Mau, a leader in the fruit industry, and Maersk, a giant in sea shipping, has allowed the unique advantages of the two companies to be leveraged for the development of the fruit trade between Chile and China. In the future, the two parties will work together to establish innovative strategies to support the global fruit trade, build logistics systems for emerging fruit markets, and establish more efficient, convenient and intelligent international cold chain transportation systems.

Signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Joy Wing Mau and Maersk.

In recent years, observing the market trend in which cherries have emerged as a necessity during the Spring Festival period, Joy Wing Mau created the very popular high-end cherry brand Joyvio and successfully linked the industry chain from producers to consumers by cooperating with both upstream and downstream partners, entering into partnerships with key Chilean cherry orchards, and setting up a sophisticated logistics system including chartered flights, direct sea shipments and sea/air transportation. Moving forward, Joy Wing Mau intends to continue to coordinate with the entire industry to develop a more competitive international logistics chain catered to bringing more fresh fruits from around the world to Chinese consumers so that they can enjoy a healthy life.

Partners sending wishes to kickstart Joy Wing Mau’s 2024 sales campaign for Chilean cherries.

Images: Joy Wing Mau

Transportation of Chilean cherries from Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port.


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