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Huaxin Agriculture and China Regional Fruit Stores Alliance Shine at Asia Fruit Logistica

October 09, 2023

At this year’s edition of Asia Fruit Logistica, which took place in Hong Kong on Sept. 6–8, a booth showcasing a distinctive Chinese cultural style successfully captured the attention of numerous visitors. The exhibitors at this booth were Huaxin Agriculture and China Regional Fruit Stores Alliance.

China Regional Fruit Stores Alliance comprises over 10 regional chain enterprises specializing in fruit sales. The alliance’s member enterprises are located in five major regions: Central China, Southwest China, Northwest China, East China and South China. Collectively, they operate over 1,000 stores in key cities throughout the country.

Every member of the alliance boasts a wealth of experience in the fruit retail industry, spanning over a decade. Over the years, they have amassed a substantial following of loyal customers through a profound understanding of local purchasing habits and preferences.

After enduring three consecutive years affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, China Regional Fruit Stores Alliance now stands at the threshold of significant growth opportunities. Armed with a substantial user base and well-developed operational expertise, coupled with a proficiency in utilizing new media platforms for marketing, the alliance is poised to solidify its local presence in the coming two to three years. The alliance’s primary objective is to expand its network of stores, providing quality fresh fruits to consumers in lower-tier cities.

As the exclusive strategic partner of China Regional Fruit Stores Alliance, Huaxin Agriculture will serve as the alliance’s designated entity for global fruit procurement. Boasting over a decade of experience in dealing with fruit, Huaxin Agriculture will engage in close collaboration with the alliance in areas such as fruit procurement, formulation of sales strategies and brand marketing initiatives.

According to Huaxin Agriculture and the alliance, the strengths of the two organizations synergize seamlessly. Huaxin Agriculture is committed to optimizing end-to-end supply chain efficiency and harmonizing purchases with supplies through a direct procurement model. The alliance has attracted the interest of numerous high-quality foreign suppliers at the source, with both parties expressing a strong desire for collaboration. Huaxin Agriculture and China Regional Fruit Stores Alliance are dedicated to pursuing development opportunities within China’s fruit sector. The two organizations would like to invite inquiries from foreign exporters with the goal of collaborating to create a promising future and can be contacted at and

Images: Huaxin Agriculture


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