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ASOEX Has Strong Presence at Asia Fruit Logistica 2023

September 12, 2023

Last week saw the long-awaited return of Asia Fruit Logistica to Hong Kong. Representatives of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) were in attendance at the event, which was held at the AsiaWorld-Expo on Sept. 6–8, to meet with importers and distributors across Asia and jointly prepare for the upcoming 2023/24 Chilean fruit season.

ASOEX set up a prominent stand covering more than 200 square meters in the middle of Hall 5, where representatives from the Chilean Cherry Committee, Chilean Blueberry Committee, Chilean Kiwifruit Committee and Chilean Citrus Committee alongside more than 100 staff members from export companies showcased what Chile has to offer as a major Southern Hemisphere fruit exporter. Owing to Chile’s strong reputation in the Chinese and other Asian markets, the Fruits from Chile stand attracted a continuous stream of visitors, illustrating its starring role at the event.

Spring has just started in the Southern Hemisphere, and cherry trees in Chile are about to begin a new season after their winter dormancy. Focusing on China and expecting to tap into more Asian markets, ASOEX and the Chilean Cherry Committee hosted a cherry workshop at Asia Fruit Logistica, following a similar workshop earlier this month at the International Fruit Expo in Guangzhou.

At the workshop, Iván Marambio, president of ASOEX, Ignacio Caballero, ASOEX’s global marketing director, Charif Christian Carvajal, ASOEX’s marketing director for Asia and Europe, and Claudia Soler, executive director of the Chilean Cherry Committee, gave presentations showcasing the development of the Chilean cherry industry and the cherry production forecast and marketing plan for the 2023/24 season.

Iván Marambio, president of ASOEX, delivering his welcome speech.

Ignacio Caballero, ASOEX’s global marketing director, presenting his overview of the marketing of Chilean fruits.

According to Soler, 65% of Chilean cherry orchards are currently in production, indicating great potential for future growth. Chile’s cherry production is forecast to reach a record 851,000 metric tons in the 2026/27 season, which would correspond to double that registered for the 2021/22 season, while the export volume is estimated to hit 715,000 metric tons, which would represent another record. China and other Asian markets are the leading export destinations for Chilean cherries. Over the past seven years, the average annual growth rate of Chilean cherry exports to China has been as high as 29%.

Claudia Soler, executive director of the Chilean Cherry Committee, giving her overview of the Chilean cherry industry.

Discussing the marketing plan for Chilean cherries, Carvajal said that promotional campaigns will continue to focus on China and Asia. Investments in Asian markets account for 88% of the global total, with 78% allocated specifically to the Chinese market.

Charif Christian Carvajal, ASOEX’s marketing director for Asia and Europe, discussing the marketing plan for Chilean cherries in the 2023/24 season.

In China, years of marketing campaigns have turned Chilean cherries from exclusive gifts for the Lunar New Year holiday into a more regular treat for many consumers. For the upcoming 2023/24 season, the Chilean cherry campaign will take Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Qingdao as key focal points to reach new consumers in the surrounding areas. Looking to the next four seasons, one goal of ASOEX’s Chilean cherry campaigns is to try and hit a market penetration rate of 75% and increase the purchase rate among the targeted consumer groups to 2.2 kilograms per person per season.

The Chilean cherry workshop attracted hundreds of importers and distributors from across Asia. One importer interviewed by Produce Report at the workshop expressed his confidence in Chilean cherries for the new season, after hearing of the various measures that are being implemented to guarantee quality and smooth logistics, as well as the clear marketing targets the Chilean cherry industry has planned for the Chinese market.

Besides cherries, other Chilean fruits also continued to gain ground at the event, while importers and traders across Asia have achieved a lot. Although Asia Fruit Logistica 2023 has now concluded, more delicious and high-quality Chilean fruits will be delivered to China and other Asian markets throughout the upcoming 2023/24 season for the enjoyment of consumers.

Images: © 2023 Produce Report

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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