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Commercial Rollout of 3 New Mango Varieties Ramps Up in Australia

May 31, 2024

According to a report from ABC News, Manbulloo Limited, one of Australia’s largest mango growers, is accelerating its commercial rollout of three novel mango varieties: Yess! (NMBP 1243), AhHa! (NMBP 1201) and Now! (NMBP 4069).

The three long-awaited varieties are the result of 25 years of development by Australia’s National Mango Breeding Program. They are all early- to mid-season varieties with good resilience to hot water and vapor heat treatments.

Yess! is a hybrid of Irwin and Kensington Pride, maturing two to four weeks earlier than the latter. It has a medium to high yield with an average fruit weight of 507 grams. The variety features a sweet taste similar to Kensington Pride along with a high firmness.

Also a hybrid of Irwin and Kensington Pride, AhHa! matures up to two weeks earlier than Kensington Pride. It is known for a higher and more consistent yield than Kensington Pride, with an average fruit weight of 361 grams. AhHa! also offers a taste profile similar to Kensington Pride alongside a remarkably low fiber content.

Now! is a hybrid of Van Dyke and Kensington Pride, with the potential for a very high yield, a rich flavor reminiscent of Kensington Pride and an average fruit weight of 378 grams. It possesses a soft texture and low fiber content. When ripe, this variety also maintains a high firmness.

Manbulloo Limited was authorized to cultivate and commercialize these varieties in 2022. The company has already planted approximately 4,000 trees of the three varieties at its Ballongilly farm southeast of Darwin as well as 20,000 trees in Queensland.

According to Marie Piccone, managing director of Manbulloo Limited, the company intends to expand its cultivation of the three varieties in New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. For the moment, the marketing of the new varieties will focus on Australia’s domestic market.

Image: Pixabay

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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