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[Press Release] Ramboos Season Sprouts at Goldenberry Farms

July 18, 2022

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Miami, Fla., July 12, 2022Goldenberry Farms has unveiled its new Ramboos branded product line, offering a kid-friendly introduction to the world of tropical fruit.

Ramboos are mythical creatures from “The Legend of Ramboo,” a magical place with delicious hidden fruit treasures. “Ramboos are so delicious they can instantly make you smile,” touts the company.

The vibrant, colorful labels and available in-store merchandising displays help to create eye-catching presentations and expand the awareness of this sweet tropical fruit.

“The unique and exotic look of the fruit, with its bright red and ‘spikey’ appearance, peeled back to reveal a delicious and sweet flavor inside make it fun and appealing to kids.”

“Overall, we have seen a sharp uptick in consumer demand for exotic and healthier-for-you fruit options. With fun packaging and more innovative presentations, we are hoping to offer grocers and retailers better ways to expand their tropical fruit sales.”

“We are always searching for ways for eating fruit to be more enjoyable and explorative for kids. Ramboos help to highlight the nutritional benefits of this lesser-known exotic fruit, and help introduce kids to unknown foods in an entertaining and fun way,” commented Christopher Palumbo, brand director and creator of the Ramboos line.

Special clamshells produced with post-consumer materials help protect the fruit, extend the shelf life, and help with in-store merchandising.

Ramboos are available in two sizes, a smaller 4 oz size designed for fruit exploring and a 12 oz family pack for families or party platters. Bulk sizes are also available for food service clients.

Goldenberry Farms Ramboos are sourced from high-quality farms in Guatemala and Honduras, offering a growing season that begins in early June and continues until mid-December. Rambutans are also available from Vietnam and Mexico.

Look for sweet Ramboos sprouting at grocers across North America.

For commercial samples and purchasing inquiries, please contact

About Goldenberry Farms

Goldenberry Farms is a grower, packer, exporter, and merchandiser of high-quality fruit. The company, known for its “Where Good Things Grow” approach to sustainable farming, focuses on the development of exotic, “better for you” tropical fruit and produce and is involved in all levels of fruit development, with a commitment to helping promote fresh fruit as a healthy and fresh snack alternative globally.

Goldenberry Farms premium brand of goldenberries was introduced to the U.S. market this year, in conjunction with a strategic 18-month launch plan and multi-faceted “Mother Nature’s Candy” marketing campaign, which likens the vibrant taste of the tropical superfruit to popular American candy brands, such as Sweetarts or Sour Patch Kids.

Goldenberry Farms participates in quality programs such as The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP), which helps to introduce elementary school children to a variety of produce that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to sample.

For more information on Goldenberry Farms, please visit

Images: Goldenberry Farms


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