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Mango Pineapples Proving Popular on Chinese Market

August 24, 2023

In recent years, the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Science in Sanya has been actively attempting to diversify tropical fruit varieties and develop novel cultivars. Last week, the institute planted 700 seedlings of “mango pineapples” at its plantation base in Yazhou District.

The mango pineapple variety, formally referred to as Tainong No. 23, stands out as one of the recently cultivated strains in Hainan. Once sliced open, the fruit releases the robust mango aroma responsible for its moniker while revealing golden flesh that is both sweet and succulent.

The new variety has shown remarkable adaptability in Sanya and is relatively easy to transplant and cultivate. In the nearby Nashou village, approximately 3.3 hectares of mango pineapples have been planted. Since their introduction to the market in April, the pineapples have garnered a positive response from consumers, with premium-grade selections commanding farm gate prices of up to 10 Chinese yuan ($1.37) per kilogram.

In addition to their distinctive flavor, mango pineapples are distinguished by their currently limited availability. At present, they are primarily cultivated in Hainan province and remain a relative rarity on the market. Over recent years, Sanya has been progressively introducing novel and top-tier tropical fruit cultivars from regions sharing the same latitude. The Yazhou plantation base now boasts a collection of over 170 tropical fruit varieties from the same latitude.


This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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