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Fresh Del Monte’s Rubyglow Pineapples Exclusively Launched in China

January 29, 2024

On Jan. 26, Fresh Del Monte, in partnership with Goodfarmer Group, hosted a new product launch ceremony in Shanghai. The event marked the exclusive introduction of Rubyglow red-skinned pineapples developed by Fresh Del Monte to the Chinese market.

Rubyglow pineapples, currently only available in China, boast a red skin, a vibrant yellow flesh and a sweet taste. The debut of this new variety was coordinated to take place just ahead of Chinese New Year, a peak period for fruit sales in China, signaling a promising start for Fresh Del Monte’s venture into the Chinese market.

Reports indicate that the global supply of Rubyglow pineapples is projected to reach only around 5,000 units in 2024 and 3,000 units in 2025, making the product a highly sought after rarity. This unique variety originates from the rainforests of Costa Rica and is the result of a research and development process spanning over 15 years. It is a hybrid fruit obtained from the crossbreeding of a conventional pineapple and a Morada pineapple, the latter being typically inedible. To ensure an optimal eating experience, the fruit is allowed to undergo natural ripening on the tree and is sold without the crown. Notably, the Rubyglow variety has now been granted plant patent rights in the United States.

Fresh Del Monte, established in 1886 and headquartered in California, is a global leader in the production, marketing and distribution of fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. In 2020, the company gained attention for the introduction of the genetically modified Pinkglow pineapple variety, which quickly became popular on social media with single units selling for as much as $49.

Image: Fresh Del Monte

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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