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Joy Wing Mau and Freshippo Strengthen Yunnan Blueberry Collaboration

May 16, 2024

The first Freshippo Village dedicated to blueberries was recently established at the Joy Wing Mau blueberry production base in the city of Mengzi in southeastern Yunnan province. Covering an area of 73 hectares, the production base is well situated to provide fresh Yunnanese blueberries to Freshippo chain stores throughout China.

Mengzi is located on a low-latitude plateau and renowned for its abundant sunlight and notable temperature variations between day and night, with an average annual temperature of approximately 18 degrees Celsius. These conditions render it exceptionally conducive to berry cultivation. Since 2018, Mengzi has been actively developing its blueberry industry to become one of China’s primary production hubs for greenhouse-grown blueberries, with yields that exceed the national average.

The new Freshippo Village will ensure a continuous supply of blueberries for up to eight months of the year, spanning from November through June. Advanced planting technologies are also being employed to guarantee the quality of the fruits.

Hu Shengjie, who is in charge of blueberry procurement at Freshippo, noted that cherries, berries and citrus are the three most popular fruit categories at Freshippo. In particular, strawberries and blueberries stand out among berry fruits. Over the past five years of collaboration with Joy Wing Mau’s blueberry production base in Mengzi, Freshippo has introduced over 20 varieties of blueberries to its customers.

Image: Pixabay

This article was based on a Chinese article. Read the original article.


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