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It’s Fresh!™ developed a new filtering system to extend the lifespan of bananas

February 24, 2018

A UK food tech company is pioneering research to prolong the ‘green life’ of bananas, meaning more of the nation’s favourite fruit will make it to our shores without going to waste.

It’s Fresh!™, who have developed a filter system to slow the ripening process of fruit and some vegetables, believe their technology can be of huge benefit to the global banana trade.

A series of independent postharvest trials were carried out in Costa Rica to demonstrate the efficacy of the filter in prolonging the ‘green life’ of the world’s most popular fruit.

The research, conducted by Dr. Manuel Madrid demonstrated that the use of It’s Fresh! doubled green life to an average of 70+ days when used in a modified atmosphere.

Industry standards require bananas to remain green during shipment and distribution, meaning that any bananas that have ripened in transit are rendered unsalable and go to waste.

These developments follow the successful implementation of a filter created by It’s Fresh!™ for supermarkets to extend the life and quality of fruit by 2 to 4 days. Now adopted by many the main supermarket chains, It’s Fresh!™ is setting new industry benchmarks for reducing waste in food production and consumption.

The tests show that the filter successfully absorbs ethylene – the ripening hormone – from the bananas’ environment and was shown to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than alternative methods that are currently being used.

It’s Fresh!™revealed their ground-breaking research at the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin Germany last week.

Bananas are now the world’s most exported fruit and constitute a third fruit imported into the UK – we consume an astonishing 5 billion bananas each year.

Ecuador is the biggest exporter, and banana shipments to countries like China, Russia or the Middle East will be generating a significantly higher carbon footprint as well as greater amounts of avoidable waste.

There is immense pressure on banana growers and exporters to ensure their produce does not ripen in transit and huge wastage is incurred, having a significant impact on farmers’ output.

 It is clear that the carbon footprint of our banana consumption must be addressed and the new technology developed by It’s Fresh!™ provides a means of ensuring far more bananas make it to our shelves.

Dr. Manuel Madrid, who has worked in the sector for over 25 years said, “From the work that I have conducted, It’s Fresh! undoubtedly enhances the life and quality of green bananas providing clear commercial advantages for the supply chain."

 Simon Lee, the founder of It’s Fresh!™ said: "we are committed to reducing food waste globally and this means addressing issues throughout the production process, as well as in our supermarkets and homes. Our findings enable us to demonstrate the power of this technology, reducing global waste as well as helping growers and importers across the world."

More info on It’s Fresh!™, can be found here:

Image: It’s Fresh!™,MZMC


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