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Hainan Durians Set To Hit Market in June

May 18, 2024

According to a report from China News Service, numerous durians in the Hainan Sanya Yucai Ecological Durian Plantation Base (海南三亚育才生态区榴莲基地) have already grown to the size of volleyballs. The first batch of “naturally ripened” durians from Hainan is expected to hit the market in late June.

Wanbao Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group (万保农牧集团) has over 30 hectares of land dedicated to durian cultivation, with approximately 500 trees having begun to bear fruit this year. These durian trees were reportedly planted nearly four years ago and this year marks their first fruiting season. A four-year-old durian tree can produce up to 19 durians, with individual fruits often surpassing 2 kilograms in weight. Furthermore, alongside durians, the group also maintains a jackfruit plantation of similar size.

Du Baizhong, general manager of Hainan Youqi Agricultural Company (海南省优旗农业股份有限公司), led a team in planting over 660 hectares of durians in Hainan. He estimates that more than 260 hectares of durian trees on Hainan Island have borne fruit this year, with higher yields compared with last year.

Hainan Youqi Agricultural Company is the sole entity authorized by China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to import durian seedlings, with its “Dazuiniao” durian brand having achieved GAP certification. At the company’s durian production base, some trees have now entered their second year of fruiting, and a small number of durians have already ripened to reveal plump flesh.

Hainan’s durian-harvesting season runs from June to August, with the peak occurring in July. Forecasts suggest that durian cultivation in Hainan will surpass 6,600 hectares within the next three to five years. Currently, the primary concerns for the island’s durian growers are typhoons and unpredictable weather patterns. To mitigate the risks associated with typhoons, experts have developed innovative durian tree dwarfing technologies. These breakthroughs have downsized durian trees, which typically reach 20 meters in height, to just over 2 meters, facilitating easier harvesting.

Image: Pixabay

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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