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Del Monte Unveils New Pink Pineapple Variety

October 26, 2020

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. recently unveiled its latest creation: the Pinkglow pineapple. As the name suggests, this pineapple cultivar is unique in that its flesh possesses an unusual pink color owing to the presence of lycopene, the same antioxidant plant compound that turns tomatoes and watermelons red.

The fruit has been in development for nearly 16 years and is only grown by Del Monte in south-central Costa Rica, where each plant takes roughly two years to start producing. Owing to their current scarcity, the pineapples can only be ordered online through two suppliers, Tropical Fruit Box and Melissa’s, for up to $49 each. The fruits are shipped without their crown, as farmers harvest the pineapples by hand and replant the crown to grow the next crop. Del Monte has cheerfully named the fruit the “Jewel of the Jungle.”

According to Del Monte’s promotional website, the fruit “has a delicious and unique taste, with notes of candy pineapple aromatics. It is also less sour than a traditional pineapple, juicier and sweeter in taste.”

“As a leading supplier of fresh pineapples throughout the world, Fresh Del Monte is committed to continuing to invest in our pineapple research and development program to meet the ever-changing needs of our consumers,” said Pablo Rivero, vice president of marketing for Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. Inc. in a statement.

As part of its marketing campaign, Del Monte is highlighting how this pineapple’s unique appearance makes it perfect for presentation on social media platforms, and the company is even holding a contest for one winner to have a virtual party, receiving pineapples and a cocktail masterclass for themselves and nine other people.

The Pinkglow Pineapple is also being exhibited at this year’s virtual PMA Fresh Summit.

Image: Del Monte


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