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Chinese Peach, Plum and Apricot Can Now be Exported to Australia

February 11, 2018

On Jan 31, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) published a list of fresh fruits that have recently been given permission to export to different foreign countries.

This list has a total of 14 items including apple, orange, litchi, longan, cantaloupe, and grape etc., but does not include any item under traditional trade*. Compared with the list published on Jul 13, 2017, the new list has included stone fruits for Australia.

On Jan 4, AQSIQ updated the inspection and quarantine standards for the export of apple, pear, nectarine, peach, pear and apricot. This means Australia has given the green light for all types of stone fruits from China.

For the complete list of fresh fruits recently approved for export to other countries, please consult AQSIQ’s web-site

Name of Fruit

Approval Countries

Apple(Malus domestica

Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand, Mauritius

Pear(Pyrus bretschneideriPyrus sp. Nr. communisPyrus pyrifolia

Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, South Africa, New Zealand, Australian, Thailand, Mauritius, Israel (excepting Pyrus sp. Nr. communis

Orange(Citrus sp.)

Peru, Mexico, Thailand, Mauritius (only for Citrus grandis;Pomelo), Chile

Litchi(Litchi chinensis

Japan, Uruguay, Chile, Australia, Korea, USA

Longan(Dimocarpus longan

Uruguay, Chile, Australia, USA

Melon, Cantaloupe (Cucunmis melo


Grape(Vitis vinifera

New Zealand, Australia, Thailand

Cherry(Prunus avium

Korea, China Taiwan

Chinese Date(Zipiphus jujube

South Africa, Thailand

Nectarine(Prunus persica var. nectarina


Banana(Musa spp.

New Zealand

Peach(Prunus persica


Plum(Prunus domestica、Prunus salicina


Apricot(Prunus armeniaca


* Traditional Trade refers to those items that can be exported to a certain country without the need to be included in any signed bilateral trade agreement.


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