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China's Largest Cold Storage Warehouse Put into Service in Guangzhou

November 13, 2022

A refrigerated truck loaded with fresh fruits such as Thai coconuts and longans recently pulled into the Guangzhou Nansha International Logistics Center. It was the first ever batch of imported cold chain goods received at the newly opened facility.

Covering an area of 208,000 square meters (approximately 2.2 million square feet), Guangzhou Nansha International Logistics Center boasts a planned cold storage capacity of 460,000 metric tons. The highlight of the project’s first phase of construction is a 54,600 square meter (587,709 square foot) storage warehouse dedicated to refrigerated and frozen cargo—the largest of its kind in China. Once completed, the warehouse will be able to handle as much as 10,000 TEU of goods each month. The logistics center is ideally situated, with departing freight able to reach the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and nearby cities within one hour and most parts of China within one day.

Nansha Port, where Nansha International Logistics Center is located, is reported to have 182 shipping lines, 150 of which are international. After hitting port, imported goods can be quickly distributed to their next destinations in China through multiple modes of transportation.

To date, over 50 types of perishable commodities including durians, mangosteens and cherries have been brought into China through Nansha Port. Official data indicate that in the first nine months of 2022, the port handled a value of imports exceeding 17.4 billion Chinese yuan ($2.38 billion).


This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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