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Cambodian Longan Exports to China Soar in 2023

September 30, 2023

According to data from the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia’s fresh longan exports to China in the first eight months of 2023 totaled 8,118 metric tons. The first official shipment of Cambodian longans to China took place in November 2022, although they had been reaching the Chinese market for years through other channels, such as small-scale duty-free border trade schemes.

A news report from the Phnom Penh Post quoted Im Rachna, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as stating that this good performance is attributable to Chinese consumers recognizing the quality of Cambodian fruits. In August alone, Cambodia exported 3,250 metric tons of fresh longans to China. The ministry is currently providing support to Cambodian farmers to ensure that their longans meet China’s stringent food safety and quarantine requirements. Cambodia places a significant emphasis on online channels for fruit marketing in China and actively promotes its products on various key e-commerce platforms, including Taobao.

Say Chamroeun, a representative from China Jinkwoayuan Import Export (Cambodia), noted that exports had been consistently smooth since July. At the time of writing, the company had already shipped 43 containers (approximately 1,000 metric tons) of longans to China. However, transportation costs remain relatively high at present, with freight rates currently standing at $3,400 per container through the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port and $3,100 per container through Vietnam.

Chamroeun also mentioned that they have initiated negotiations with the government to regain access to Thai port facilities. Transportation through Thai ports comes at a considerably lower cost of approximately $2,500 per container. However, Cambodian longans are currently not permitted to be exported through Thai ports because Thailand also exports fresh longans.

Suos Siyat, president of the Pailin Longan Agricultural Production Cooperative, said that the 2023/24 longan season commenced in July and will last until May 2024. With the use of fertilizers, Cambodian longans can now be harvested throughout almost the entire year. This year, there have been some minor challenges in longan production due to insufficient rainfall. However, the majority of farmers have their own wells and water pumps, ensuring that the quality of longans for export has not been significantly affected.

Image: Pixabay

This article was based on a Chinese article. Read the original article.


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