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$150 Million Target for First Philippine Durian Exports to China

March 08, 2023

The Philippine government has announced that it expects initial durian exports to China to generate $150 million of revenue, with an initial export volume of 50,000 metric tons. According to a previous report, 7,500 metric tons of the fruit were scheduled to be sent to China this month alone. As specified by the Bureau of Plant Industry, however, the final revenue will depend on the actual harvest results in coming months.

The final export numbers will largely be determined by fruit quality, which must comply with China’s import requirements. Gerald Glenn Panganiban, BPI director officer-in-charge, reported that videos of the audits would be submitted to Chinese authorities ahead of export. According to Panganiban, 59 farms, five packing facilities and five exporters have already obtained accreditation for the first shipments.

Most of the certified farms are located in the Davao Region, the country’s main durian-growing area, which accounts for 78% of total output. The region’s production capacity has been estimated at approximately 50,000 metric tons per year, which exactly matches the targeted export volume to China in 2023. Considering that Philippine durians are also exported to Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, the feasibility of the recent export forecast has yet to be confirmed.

Raul Montemayor, national manager of the Federation of Free Farmers Cooperatives Incorporated, recently commented that Philippine authorities should verify whether the current production volume is sufficient to meet the country’s export commitments. He reported that while farmers are confident about satisfying China’s quality standards, the production volume is less certain.

At the same time, governmental efforts at “durian diplomacy” and the opening up of the lucrative China market have served to motivate durian farmers to expand their production capacities. In this regard, growers have already appealed for governmental support to help them obtain affordable fertilizers in the wake of recent cost increases, while also seeking more efficient export procedures and more cost-effective air freight solutions. Considering the buzz among farmers, the industry expects to witness an increase in durian production in the future.

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